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Mandela Effect Analysis

This document present a full inventory of instances of the Mandela Effect arranged by categories, vectors, clusters and themes.

Each instance is numbered ( ), and some of the numbers recur in different groupings. For instance, the Lucy clues that exemplify Vector 2, indicating how the Effect works and how it reaches humanity, also belong to the Sophia/Lucifer Supercluster. Hence they are listed in both cases.

When an example occurs in two or more references or groups, it retains the same number, thus presenting a grand total of all cases considered.

Instances decoded as of June 6, 2017: 58

* indicates ancillary or auxiliary clues: providing support to a system or process, subsidiary, auxiliary). Such clues do not appear specifically as Mandela Effects but closely linked to them, restating and reinforcing them in some way, and providing coherence for the evidence chain: e.g., the VW logo/mitosis symbol used in the poster for Wonder Woman, the Talisman or Cerne Abbas Giant, the film Lucy, the Mandelbrot Set, etc.

Recall the VECTORS described in Procedures (slightly revised here):

The M.E. is a directional signal composed of vectors that guide human attention in five distinct ways:

1 toward the source of the Effect - universal

2 toward the way the Effect reveals itself in the decoding process, its peculiar properties that come to be seen by close forensic analysis

*NOTE: The Effect has a source and a purpose, but it cannot accomplish its purpose without the work of investigators who can decode it based on their recognition of that source. To assist them in doing so, the Effect provides decode prompts.

3 toward a collective defect in the human mindset - social

4 toward a pattern of engagement unique to each observor, the personal relevance of the cues and clues - personal = biotropic clues

5 toward what comes in later expressions of the Effect, where it's going. The Superlearning Event . The - transpersonal revelation of the nexux of the human mind with the planetary intelligence.



Vector 2: how the Effect reveals itself, how it works, how it appeals to the human mind

(1) Forrest Gump. Life is > WAS like a box of chocolates. You never know > KNEW what you're gonna get.

(2) Laurel and Hardy. Another fine > NICE mess.

(3) I Love Lucy. Title of tv sitcom. -> Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, LSD, Diamond Sky Dakinis of the Wisdom Goddess

(4) Lucille Ball, name of actress

(5) 'Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do.'

ALSO * The film Lucy (August 2014)

(6) Snoopy, dog in Peanuts cartoon. Probative faculty.

(7) BeeGees: How Deep is your Love?

(8) BeeGees: Do you really want to know > MEAN TO LEARN?

(9) All in the Family :: Anthropos.

(10) You knew who you were then" - > Anthropos

(11) "Those were the days" - > Mysteries, when Gnostics taught the world

(22) Mirror Mirror > MAGIC MIRROR Sophia uses the third, the mirroring attention to produce the Mandela Effect

(37) ET phone home > HOME PHONE. Alert to observe homophones as NLP anchoring electrodes

NOTE: phone home = PHONE (ho) ME. Both homophones and phonemes are signalled in this instance.

(41 ) Wendy's braids > pigtails: the memory braid split and recombined, analogy to recombinant DNA. Pigtail splice.

(53) Prediction in Hag Hammadi writings: "the illusion of the Archons will be abolished, and that illusion will be as if it had never been"

* Crop circlemakers report interactivity and epinoia nexus with the earth

(57) Pokey Little Puppy becomes Poky. The probative faculty is out of the pokey (freed from the mind proson with Toxo as gatekeeper) and still a little slow but it's working! Keep poking around the crime scene, stay snoopy!

(60) Sally Field/Fields Osacr speech: "You like me, you really like me > RIGHT NOW you like me." Kalika syntax: the divine intervention is happening right now, like it or not, realize it or not

Vector 1: how the Effect points to its Source

(4) Lucille Ball, the luminous earth

(5) 'Splainin : the Superlearning Event. Wisdom instructs her children.

(12) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs : earth captures in the archontic planetary system

(29) VOLVO logo: the oracular Nordic witch (volva) with a staff

(31) WHY-nona. Why nine? Presence of Sophia "in the Ninth"

(43) Biblical "Thy will be done on earth > IN THE EARTH"

* Thunderbird/thunderbolt images in media, e.g., Wonder Woman film : Vajravilasi, flirtatious thunderbolt

(55) Men's Warehouse > WEARhouse? Exhibiting the double V motifs.

* The V V Itch, film about a witch (Summer 2015)

* Wonder Womanposter, June 2017

Nominative clues, derived from translations of German mandel:

(13) Mandela : almond shock. Telluric matrix as source of Effect

(14) Mandela : wheat shock. Telestic method of the Mysteries, cognitive ecstasy, gnosis

(15) Mandel: amygdala shock. The Archontic infection. Toxo plasmosis gondii

(44) Kit-Kat > KITKAT. Toxo discovered by study of cats.

(45) Tidy Cat > CATS No cross-species transmission. Toxo comes from the Archons, not cats!

(16) Mandel: the big 15 > 16. Frequencies of the Shakti Cluster, telluric matrix

(17) Mandel: geode. The Shakti Cluster, turbulent vortex in the bioelectromagnetic field of the earth. Console for communication with the Earth Goddess

December 16, 2008: NASA's five THEMIS spacecraft have discoverd a breach in Earth's magnetic field ten times greater than anything previously thought to exist... But the breah itself is not the biggest surprize. Researchers are even more amazed at the strange and unexpected way it forms, overturing long-held ideas of space physics.

(18) Mandel: tonsil > thyroid. Mutation into Anthropos-11.

Ford-VW Supercluster: master race / genocide theme

(19) Ford logo with pigtail.

(20) Volkswagon Logo, emblem of mitosis. V V, initials of the Goddess.

NOTE: Volkswagon > VolkswaGEN. GEN in a phoneme that cues or indicates genetics.

(24) Dolly's Braces. Aryan beauty. Moonraker plot: master race

(25) Desi Arnez > ArNAZ. Nazis : Ford : Hitler

(26) "Wolf shall dwell with the lamb" Totemic animal of Nazis

(27) Charles Shultz > Schulz, author of Peanuts. War anecdote

(28) Haas > HASS avocado: Rudolf Haas, Hess, Hoess.

NOTE: hass means "hate" in German!

* Spielberg: Shoa Foundation, Holocaust film Swindler's List

* Wynona Ryder to act in the Godfather : Thelete, Divine Father

* Hitler depicted as a Grail Knight Lucifer, Organic Light)

* Ford Thunderbird sports car

Sophia / Lucifer Supercluster, luminosity of the earth

(21) Noxzema (Latin Nox, night + Tibetan zema, beauty). OL witnessed in the Mysteries

(12) Snow White - the fairest of them all. OL

(4) Lucille Ball, the radiant globular earth

(23) Lucy van Pelt in Peanuts: the pelt or skin of the planetary animal mother is raidant. Golden Fleece.

* Spielberg: Last Crusade, quest for the Holy Grail (Organic Light)

* Moonraker > Ian Fleming > Jung, Gnosticism

(48) Berenstain : Amberstain. Organic Light

(50) Sally Fields : leaping fields, auroral displays of the Goddess power

Vector 5: the purpose of the Effect, Superlearning Event

(30) WIN-nona. Winning Nines. 9 Daughters of the Memory Goddess

(46) Jaws film. "We're > YOU'RE gonna need a bigger boat" Mitosis in progress, division of human species.

NOTE: Jewish actors portray Goy characters but a genuine goy, actor/character, is the pilot of the boat.

* Cable series Genius based on Einstein presents a fraudulent substitute for human genius

(47) Berenstein > BERENSTAIN Bears. Amber stain of the Organic Light, response of Sophia to her children when they realize their tue magical potential

(49) Amber mutation (Harris Bernstein) : mitosis, mutation of Anthropos-11. EPIGENETICS

* NOTE Associated clues leading to toxo, tryptophan depletion, decresed novelty, and aphid milk (Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine

(54) VW residue in film Knocked Up : planetary amoebic mass in mitosis

(58) mutations of sharks demonstrate epigenesis in the natural world

Vampire Supercluster - in development, includes TALISMAN

(32) Interview with The > A Vampire

(33) Transgression clue in Nag Hammadi writings

(34) Ford logo : crossover, passover

(35) Pigtail in Ford logo: transgression of taboo (eating pork)

*Cerne Abbas crop circle beside Giant / Warrior : TALISMAN

(36) Star Wars dialogue. "Luke > NO, I am your father." Thelete, consort of Sophia and co-designer of the Anthropic genome

28) Hass avocado: the power of hate. Nazis demonized. Hitler hated.

(30) Wyn-WIN-Ona Ryder. Actress in Vampire Film by Coppola, linked to Spielberg

*Jews - Jaws meme: vampire attacks with bite of jaws on the neck

(51) Field of Dreams Movie dialogue, "If you build it they > HE will come." The energy field of Sophia's dreaming, built by human recognition, welcome the coming of her consort, Thelete

(55) Men's Warehouse > WEARhouse? Exhibiting the double V motifs, also refers to manpower, BEWARE of the enemies of life, ARETE, the imperative of violence

NOTE: forensic astronomy: Jupiter/Thelete in the womb of the VIRGIN, stalled in its aphelion, May 17 - July 4, 2017

References to the sacred narrative, the Fallen Goddess Scenario

(37) Sherman > SherWIN-Williams paint. Shearing the Anthropic template, restoring the gender rift

(39) "Girls were girls and men were men" Restoring the gender binary

(40) And you knew who > WHERE you were then" Location of earth and solar system in the galactic arms

(60) It's a beautiful day in the > THIS neighbor hood". The FGS is a narrative about events in the locale area of the galactic arm.

NOTE: This location is also a disputed Mandela Effect.

(41) Wendy's braids. The plasmic braid of Aeonic emanation

(42) Seven Dwarfs: the Hebdomad or archontic planetary system, distinct from the earth (Snow White), sun, and moon

(35 ) Ford Logo with pigtail: the single-stranded or corkscrew plasma eruption, moving transversely across the galactic disk

* Plasmic braid observed in the earth's atmosphere, May 22 2017

* Mandelbrot Set: image of fractalization due to Sophia's plunge, generation of the Archons

(54) VW residue in film Knocked Up : planetary amoebic mass in mitosis?

(59) "It's a beautiful day in the > THIS neighborhood" Location of the earth in the galactic arms. The FGS is a local myth, particular to this galaxy.


(26) Biblical "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb" Leading to the lamb of the Apocalypse and Gnostic Sabotage in the Book of Revelation

(43) Biblical "Thy will be done on earth > IN THE EARTH"

(52) California Dreamin' "I began > PRETEND to pray" The final takedown of the make-believe of Christian faith

(56) Mother Theresa <> Teresa. Searches occurred before 2010. Theresa means "harvest". Hence, mother harvest.

Other examples not to be considered in this investigation: Chic-Filet, Double Bubble, Cup of Noodles, Champions song by Queen, Looney Toons > Tunes, Monopoly with monacle > no monacle, Oxyclean > Oxiclean, Mona Lisa smile changed, Oscar Meyer > Mayer, Sex in/and the City, Chuck E. Cheese, Febreeze > Febreze, Jiffy > Jif, Barbi girl in a Barbi world > in the Barbi world, JCPenny <>JC Penney, Smithsonian Institute <> Institution, Home Depot > The Home Depot and many more.

Also, bear in mind that of the 15 categories of different types of Mandela Effects, this investigation does not cover:

C-10 Geographical changes: Australia shifted north close to Borneo, previously remembered as more south and separated by a vast sea. Note: it is questionable if these changes occur in the actual terrain or merely on the maps of the terrain.

C-12 Weird animals, reptile, fish and insects, new species not seen before or remembered to have existed, or species as they have been remembered are altered -- except for one example seen in sharks

C-13 Astronomical, celestial. Changes in the shape and appearance of the moon, positions of stars in the constellations, layout of the Milky Way and position of the solar system in the galaxy

C -14 Historical events remembered differently: the JFK assassination, for instance

C-15 Anecdotal, personal incidences: e.g., the previously unknown relative who shows up at a family reunion, or the husband who never liked ketchup suddenly, in the current reality, likes it and says he always has.

And it only considers this category in a limited way, by association with the Mandel - tonsils clue:

C-11 Anatomical changes in the human body: heart squarely in center of chest, previously remembered as partially on the left side, liver larger and higher in the torso, many more

The objective of this investigation is not only to demonstrate how the supernatural magic of the Aeonic Mother works, but also to demonstrate how to command Her to work it.










Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.