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Mandela Effect Decoded

- Procedures -

by John Lash

The purpose of this text is to cover the prodecures I take to analyze the phenomena of the Mandela Effect. Rather like procedures required for handling the evidence at a crime scene: CSI, crime scene investigation.

Recall the formula: one-track memory (how it is recorded now, and as it always was) does not equal two-track memory (remembered differently, compared to what the current record shows). I cannot emphasize too strongly that Mandela-effected people see and allow both memory-tracks while those who claim not to be effected see and admit only one track. They discount the Effect as misremembering.

This fact says something important about the nature of the Effect, doesn't it? There is an inclusive mindset, seeing change and remembering what was before, how something was said or how it looked in the past, and a preclusive or exclusional mindset that sees no change.

(To be developed further in The Age Factor in the Mandela Effect.)


The gnostic investigation of the Mandela Effect might be compared to CSI, crime scene investigation. It involves procedures to sort through the clues (evidence) found on the scene, and arrange them in a meaningful way (plot) so that a veracious result can be attained, "beyond a reasonable doubt" (proof-process).

In criminal forensics and law (for what it's worth), the distinction between evidence and proof is essential. Evidence consists of clues, witness testimony, circumstantial factors, and remembered events pertinent to the crime committed. Proof is what you get by putting the evidence together in a coherent form, framed by a plot (crime). In this case the crime is the Mandela Effect, alleged (by yours truly) to be an event of divine intervention. You plot the evidence within a framing narrative, the theory regarding the crime committed, to see if you can prove who committed it, and how it was done.

So, I submit these three terms: evidence, plot/crime/event, proof-process. Early on I mentioned the term probative, defined here in a legal dictionary:

Having the effect of proof, tending to prove, or actually proving. When a legal controversy goes to trial, the parties seek to prove their cases by the introduction of evidence. ... Probative evidence establishes or contributes to proof.

The probative faculty is basic to sanity of the human animal. If you are sane, capable of mental balance, and in possession of rational faculties, you demand or seek proof of things stated to you. "Nelson Mandela was a peaceful advocate of civil rights for blacks in South Africa who suffered horrible oppression under aparthied, and he was wrongly imprisoned for his views." The probative faculty demands, Prove it! Subject the allegations in the statement to the proof-process by finding evidence to support them and put that evidence together into a coherent plot that matches the given narrative. Then you have a fact-based narrative.


The Effect pings the probative faculty in the way a speedtest pings your IP address to read download and upload speeds. Human attention (the first attention: observation, rationality, testing) also has download and upload speeds: the rates at which it receives or releases information, respectively. Download speed determines how much you can take into consideration in a single moment or discrete period of time. Upload speed reflects how much you can release or impart out of the totality of what you know or hold in mind at a particular moment.

Human creatures operate within a median range of upload and download speeds. IQ is a factor. Whatever its worth, it stands as an index to measure the function of the first attention. People with low IQ are slow or slow-witted. According to the current standards, an IQ of 80 or below indicates the "dullard" -- someone who cannot follow a proof or argument even of the most basic kind, and likewise cannot present an argument. Needless to say, if the download speed is low, upload will be worse. Dullards can neither receive nor release information at an adequate speed. They are also probatively disfunctional simpy due to not having another mental bandwidth to gather and arrange evidence into a proof-process, and reach a veracious conclusion.

The commonly cited IQ scale is:

Over 140 - Genius

120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence

110 - 119 - Superior intelligence

90 - 109 - Average or normal intelligence

80 - 89 - Dullness

70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency in intelligence

Under 70 - Feeble-mindedness

Is IQ a factor in receiving and comprehending the Mandela Effect? I would say it certainly is.To be exact, I would not say that it tests IQ but it seeks attention within a certain range of IQ. Good, sharp, average intelligence ranges from 95 to 105. Current statistics show that the mean IQ in Muslim countries hovers just above the 80 threshold. You are not going to see the M.E. manifesting in that culture, ethnicity, and language base, or anywhere below it. In my assessmentt so far, the Effect will skip a large part of the global population.

Suppose that the force or entity behind M.E. is scanning the collective mind field, looking for the optimal frequency (IQ) to log on and do whatever it ultimately aims to do. It cannot work below a certain level, obviously, simply due to inadequate reasoning faculties. On the other hand, it may not find advantage in the higher range of IQ (Korea, China, Japan - average 105), either. IQ indicates the capacity to be smart AT something, but does not determine what that area or topic or skill might be. Does the force running the M.E. find optimal appeal in minds of a certain interest, intelligence geared to particular topics, themes, or questions? Such a question may appear difficult and indeed obscure at first sight, but I assure you it can be answered with deepening comprehension of what the M.E. is doing to our minds.

Why the Effect appears to target Euro-American, English-speaking culture, and to concentrate rather inanely on American pop culture -- by contrast to reaching Asia where the average IQ is higher -- is a touchy question I cover in the spoken commentary. (Be prepared to be offended by my elitist notion of intelligence!)

To be generous, let's set the threshold at 85. Below that figure are countries ranked from 23nd down to 43rd, lowest on the complication. With the exception of rare individuals, inhabitants of those countries/cultures are not going to be reached by this phenomenon. In the higher range, I would guess that 95 - 105 is ideal or mean range for optimization of the Effect.

Caveat: As suggested above, I take IQ to indicate, not how smart you are, but the capacity to be smart. And smart AT what cannot be determined by IQ. Intelligence has to be cultivated. High-level and genius IQ individuals crave cultivation. Other factors come into play, most important of all are disposition (bhava, the r i f l i n g of the first attention) and educational brainwashing.

Rifling of a gun barrell: analogue to the first attention

Comments on the IQ scale for different countries (proposed talk). Personal anecdote, Jan Michele Kerouac, IQ 184

Finally, autism is a topic of interest relating to the M.E.. "Idiot savant." Autism represents a freak event in which certain aspects of IQ are elevated and accelerated. But there is natural autism and induced autism. In the latter, the IQ is low, averaging around 85, and can be much lower. Natural autism is marked by heightened capacities in specific areas of tasking and conceptualizatio -- mathematical ability, solving complex puzzles and riddles, photographic memory, for example -- accompanied by high distress of the subject, intolerance for noise, bright lights, other trivial external input, etc.

Autism induced by vaccines and other external factors gravely reduces IQ.The topic of natural autism comes into play in long-term understanding of the M.E..


This investigation is going to proceed rapidly. Eventually, I will cover all 15 categories of the Effect. Note that I have added another category, historical events remembered differently (JFK) to the original list, making a total of 15 + X = 16 in all.

For the proof-process that solves the crime that has been committed -- which I allege to be an act of divine intervention by a supernatural agency -- I select only the following categories, the first nine:

C-1 Movie/TV dialogue, C-2 Movie/book titles, C-3 Song lyrics, C-4 Actions, gestures, or details changed in films or TV series, C-5 Celebrity name changes, C-6 Biblical variations, C-7 Product name changes, C-8 Name changes of corporations, businesses and other public bodies, C-9 Logo/icon/emblem changes.

The remaining six plus the sui generis category X (dead? or alive again), I will consider in the closing phase of the investigation.

To all these categories I apply the same standard of authentication: there must be trustworthy residue as evidence of an occluded memory. Such evidence can be shown to be coded with particular messages which are comprised of clues: for instance, the name of the character "Jaws" in the James Bond film Moonraker is a clue that belongs to a cluster or set of clues all encoded with the same message. In totality, the body of coded evidence presents the basis for a proof-process leading to a veracious conclusion. In other words, the evidence (individual effects) in itself is not final proof but it provides elements for constructing proof.

What do I intend to prove? The origin and purpose of the Effect. What evidence do I intend to use? The evidence provided by examples of the Effect.


Here are some new terms (optional) in the detective jargon:

USO: unknown or unidentified origin of the Effect.

zone of entrancement or entrainment

HIQ: the enhancement of intelligence produced by the Effect

mantique, mantic

The written material here ought to be considered in close parallel with talk 9, How the Mandela Effect Breaks the Narrative Spell.

In this procedure I will identify the coded sets or clusters and consider closely the vector spin of the composite clues, and each cluster as a whole. Remember the five vectors of the Effect (from the Introduction):

The M.E. is a directional signal composed of vectors that guide human attention in five distinct ways:

1 toward the source of the Effect - universal

2 toward the decoding process - specific to investigators - forensic

*The Effect has a source and a purpose, but it cannot accomplish its purpose without the work of investigators who can decode it based on their recognition of that source. To assist them in doing so, the Effect provides decode prompts.

3 toward a collective defect in the human mindset - social

4 toward a pattern of engagement unique to each observor, the personal relevance of the cues and clues - personal

5 toward what comes in later expressions of the Effect, where it's going. The superlearning event - transpersonal.

Note I have characterized these five vectors as each having a different bearing on human experience, a distinct relevance for human development and the enhancement of consciousness: 1 universal, 2 forensic (specific to investigators), 3 social, 4 personal, 5 transpersonal.

In the talk corresponding to this text, Procedures for Analysis of the Mandela Effect, I elaborate on these characterizations.

At a crime scene there are procedures for gathering evidence, procedures for forensic examination of the evidence (processing) , and procedures for drawing conclusions from the evidence. They could be called 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree procedures. For instance, there is a procedure for gathering DNA samples, a procedure for processing them (staining), and a procedure of interpreting the results.

Likewise for rape. Police routinely carry a "rape kit" so that they can systematically undertake the procedures required to determine if someone has been raped. Numerous other examples come readily to mind.

The crime seen to be underway with the Mandela Effect is, I allege, the intervention of a supernatural force into the ordinary mindset of humanity. To put it crudely, some force or entity has hacked into human attention, and even into the internet itself. That force or entity is the origin of the Effect. Call it the USO, Unidentified or Unknown Supernatural Origin. I will use USO until this investigation produces a more specific identification of the origin.

As I 'splain in the talk "The Mandela Effect Breaks the Narrative Trance", human animals live in a zone of entrainment or entrancement called "culture." The kind of entrainment they undergo depends on who creates the culture and influences behavior with specific input, designed to serve a certain agenda. For instance, consider the zone of entrancement that produced the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Who created that culture and on what agenda did they operate? Consider the culture of the 1960s Psychedelic Revolution. That was a massive zone of entrainment. Who created it and for what agenda?

Psyops and mind-control programs are specific tactics for creating and sustaining a zone of entrainment. Putting people in a trance. The consumer trance, for instance. Edward Bernays almost single-handedly set the conditions for the consumer trance that is still running strong today. Consumerism is a result of mind control and behavioural programming tactics that operate lavishly within the zone of entrainment, the social theater.

Gathering and trading is natural to human animals, who are highly social. The consumer trance is not natural. It results from a deliberate agenda accomplished by calculated tactics of entrainment and entrancement. Most of these tactics are banal and obvious. A shapely woman in a bikini draped over the hood of a flashy car, for instance. Others are more subtle, acting as subliminal inserts. The examples run into the millions.


Today (February 2017), as the Mandela Effect continues to grow and garner interest, there is a sumultaneous surge of discussion of the fraudulent nature of mainstream media. Talk about fake news and propaganda is on a raging boil with no sign of fading out. Is it a conincidence that the M.E. comes on strong at the same moment that many people who know nothing of the Effect are seeing through the narrative spell of media manipulation, propaganda, conintelpro, and outright deceit? I would argue no. It is clear to me that the demasking of deceit and manipulation in the collective mindset is one and the same event with the M.E. My reasons for thinking so will become clear as the investigation unfolds.


When you have procedures, providing a routine or structure for investigation, you can anticipate what's coming. When life WAS like a box of chocolates, you never knew what you were gonna get. Now that it no longer is, you know what you're gonna get. Reflect on that statement for a moment. What does it imply or denote, to know what you're gonna get?

Picture yourself on a hunting trip with a skilled tracker. The hunter reads tracks, signs in the foliage, animal droppings, and other clues, in order to find the prey. Coming upon a set of pug-marks, the tracker reads information that you, the unskilled novice, cannot detect. The hunter knows what he's gonna get -- simply because he knows what to look for, and what he is looking for. The novice does not know what he or she is gonna get simply due to lack of anticipating the information carried in certain clues. Consequently, the novice will either miss the clues totally, or make no sense of the clues he or she does encounter during the hunt.

Obviously, the Forrest Gump dialogue change belongs to vector 2. It's a decode prompt. But it also fits in category 5 because it anticipates the superlearning event, designed to raise your IQ to HIQ. When you know what you're gonna get, you are smarter than now, you can see it coming, you can read the signs and omens as they emerge, in real time. Not later, when you have to tediously go over them. You can detect a psyop in progress. You can see you are being conned at the moment it's happening rather than in hindsight. With HIQ you catch the trickery of entrainment and entrancement as it sneaks into your mind. Catch and impede it, or disable it.

In Planetary Tantra, this is called having the Matangi Eye. In street slang, using your bullshit detector.

For instance, savvy investigators today know that a psyop is underway in the form of a false flag event when they detect that a drill is taking place at the same moment of a terrorist incident. The drill is a sure sign of the psyop in progress. Observant people who notice the drill know what they're gonna get: they can anticipate that a psyop is underway, read how it's being orchestrated, and not be misled or duped.

The novice who accompanies the hunter is still living in the state of mind when life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you're gonna get. I call knowing what you're gonna get, mantique, the technique of reading omens and signs. Mantique rhymes with physique, antique, critique. Acquiring skills at tracking omens and reading signs, you become mantic. I propose mantique (the technique of divination) to replace the outworn term "spirituality" and mantic to replace "spiritual." The superlearning event that comes with investigation of the Mandela Effect along gnostic lines makes you mantic. It teaches you mantique.

Anyone can claim to be spiritual, or aspire to be... But to be mantic you have to prove your skills, you have to exercise mantique in a clear and consistent way that demonstrates those skills in action. As for being spiritual, what skills does it require? It is hardly more than a shallow pretense. The term spirituality means everything and nothing at once. Let it go. It has long outlived its usefulness.


Any investigation involves or entails certain assumptions, which ought to be kept at a minimum and free of groundless speculation. Nevertheless, assumptions can help the exposition because they give form to anticipation of what you're gonna get; they sharpen perception. To kick off the investigation, I can confidently posit some assumptions that will pay out royally as the investigation proceeds. These are assumptions based on observation of how the Effect works, how it impacts people. As follows:

/ it startles the mind, catching your normal, everyday attention in a sudden way (1st attention)

/ it prompts you to examine how your memory works (2nd attention)

/ it triggers a chain of associations, tropes, or allusions (fugue)

/ it manifests a material impact, actually changing solid matter (car emblems) or printed pages (Bible verses, book titles)

/ it relays subliminal messages through grammatical changes

/ it carries a plot-based message encoded in clustered sets

/ it alerts to a problem with the divine experiment, something gone wrong in the human world

/ it incites and enhances mantique, building toward a superlearning event

/ it provides direction on how to fathom it (decode prompts)

/ it breaks the narrative trance

/ it exhibits comedic flair

/ it reveals the USO, what causes it in the first place

/ it alludes to passages in ancient Gnostic writings, which may be considered to reveal foreknowledge of the Effect and throw light on the circumstances in which it is operating today

Do I have your attention yet?

J:L:L 3 March 2017 East Patagonia


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.