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Mandela Effect Decoded

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This page presents text, links, and references supporting the talks to be found on the YT channel MANDELA EFFECT DECODED. Material listed in chronological orcer.

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Generic info / references / books by JLL

Corrections on errors and mispoken points indicated by *

5 Feb 2017: Mandela Effect Entrance Exam (1)

You may enter at any time, even when the investigation is underway.

How to enter the exam. Please observe the formula of entries: write a three-sentence paragraph describing 1, who Nelson Mandela was, 2, what he accomplished, and 3, how he came to be regarded by the world at large.

email responses to: Entrance Exam

Open discussions of this investigation will of course be conducted in the comment sections for each talk. Other discussions can be reached at

John Lamb Lash FB Group

Audrey Evers FB (JLL may respond here)

Mandela Effect Decoded FB

12 Feb 2017: Why a Gnostic Investigation? (2)

* 2:30m "going to title this talk, Why a Gnostic Experiment" -- of course, I mean investigation, not experiment.

* 28m New Earth Catalogue > Whole Earth Catalogue

30m noosphere pronounced in three ways

news-fear > noose-fear OR new-us sphere OR know-us sphere

32m subliminal clueing

Cueing and clueing. I may slur the distinction at times. To be precise, cueing refers to behavior: you are cued to enter the stage. Clueing refers to the discovery process in an investigation compared to a crime scene: you gather clues which form a body of evidence, and infer from the evidence the proof of how the crime was committed. You can also be misled by false or planted clues.

Keywords: noetics, noosphere, Teilhard de Chardin

13 Feb 2017: Guidelines for Decoding the Mandela Effect (3)

TEXT: Introduction - A Gnostic Investigation

Archons, described in the gnostic writings found in the Nag Hammadi Codexes. See sitemap/archon files

Castaneda describes the first and second attentions at some length, but only alludes to the third attention a few times. Parallels between Castaneda and Gnostic teachings are extensive and amazing!

premium clues or cues: encoded signals relevant to the 5 directional vectors

propitious clues or cues: signals that catch your attention

"All the clues in the world don't count if you don't know what crime has been committed."

(4) 17 February 2017 : Invitation to Mythophrenia - How to Follow this Investigation (4)

Discussions with commentary from JLL and Mark Valance:

Comment section of each talk - MV replies

Audrey Evers FB - A.A. and JLL reply

Discussions without input from JLL:

John Lamb Lash Public Group

Mandela Effect Decoded FB

Definition: "Mythophrenia may be defined as the art and practice of visionary self-guidance, or self-direction using the tools of myth, language, and symbolism."

(5) 26 February 2017: The Mandela Effect Shows You That You Are In A Divine Experiment

Vajrayana :: Vajra Mamma. A "Mother Tantra," to borrow a term from Tibetan Buddhism

This gnostic intel is incomparable. An arrogant claim. Who teaches anything on YouTube?

You need to take notes. Take one sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. Write on the left MOTHER TANTRA, and on the right, FATHER TANTRA. I describe and interpret the teachings coming from the source of the Effect.

LEFT : MOTHER TANTRA - Sophia (So-FI-ah) "Wisdom" She is Vajra Mamma.

RIGHT : FATHER TANTRA - Thelete (THEL-eh-tay) "Intended" He is Vajra Satya.

The Mandela Effect has a lot to do with guidance. Self-guidance, or self-direction. The ME presents an opportunity to engage the superlearning event. The content of this event develops through the two Tantras in parallel and simultaneity, with lightning speed.

The role of the heirophant or gnostic teacher is to reveal how this sacred initiation event occurs, how to follow it. The gnostic offers an educational process.

The M. E. is a teaching tool and a catalyst of the superlearning event.

Takeaway: the nature of gnostic education. To ground you and orient you, here are two points. First, your capacity to receive to receive gnostic intel depends on the relation between love of life and love of learning. Do you really love life? Prove it!

If you really love all that lives, do you also love the experience of learning about it all? Do you really want to know that you are in a divine experiment? Do you really mean to learn about that experiment?

Two unique characterists of gnostic instruction: it presents the guiding narrative for the earth and the human species, and it presents a particular method of teaching that conforms to thedesign of the human mind.

Teaching and teasing.

You are on course to learn that gnostics all use the same script, the same basic narrative: the human species is living in a dream. WHOSE DREAM IS IT? Where does the divine experiment happen? In this neighborhood, this arm of the local galaxy. It unfolds in a field of dreaming, a field of dreams.

Correction 31m31s: I will include this talk > read: conclude this talk.

(6) 27 February 2017 How the Film LUCY (2014) Predicts the Mandela Effect

Note: To be precise, it does not exactly "predict" the M.E. Upon reflection, I'd say that prefigures would be a better term. That word however might be a bit too highbrow to garner interest.

Clearing corrupt files for the superlearning event:

Talks on the Great Deception and the Sophia/Lucifer Implex can be found in mythophrenia on metahistory.org

The Tragedy of the Mother

Released in August 2014, five months after "Reset". Charting the process gnostics called "Correction" in the GNE (Gaian Navigation Experiment).

August 2014: JLL talk (redice) on White Genocide and the Archontic Infection

Themes, hints, clues:

# In this movie, Lucy does some splaining.

# opening image: mitosis (cell division), nature's preferred form of reproduction, contrasted to meiosis (the coupling of two differently sexed animals)

# echolocation. Sound-mirroring.

# brain capacity - versus disposition to use the brain at all

# neurons compared to stars: the stellar-genetic continuum

m33: "Mom, I feel everything, gravity, the rotation of the earth... I remember the taste of your milk."

# human purpose: to pass on what you learn

# Korean gangster says, "She's a witch."

1h08m "We have created scale so that we can forget it's unfathomable scale." Lucy talking to doctors.

# Time is unity. Kali is the 10 in a 9-fold emanation of internesting fractal dimensions of time. One of her 1001 names is Ambika.

Ambika, thou art the dreaming power of Eternity,

The seed spiral wrapping of the Universe,

And the supreme apparition of Maya.

All the universe is bewitched by thee,

But thou, when it pleases you,

are the cause of our liberation.

- Hymns to Kali, 11th Mahatmya of Chandi

1h11m "I'll build a computer and download all my knowledge into it. I'll find a way for you to have access to it."

# Black goo - unfortunate allusion to a now-dead meme relating to AI

# 1h18m The neuropsychologist says, "She's trying to connect with our computers."

# iconic image of Lucy in black dress touching forefingers with primordial ape, supposed to be the ancestor of human species.

# Lucy delivers her knowledge on a memory stick.

"The Dakini is the memory of the body." Demchog Tantra. A dakini is a "tutelary deity" -- a divine or supernatural power that offers instruction, teaching, guidance.

(7) 28 February 2017 : PSYQ Exam Results (One): The Mandela Effect Versus Traumatic Mind Control

BREAKDOWN TEXT, presenting the formula of the two memory-lines, basic terminology, and 15 categories or types of Effects to be considered

(8) February 28 2017 Spoken Commentary on Breakdown

252 total responses to the exam: 227 majority report, 25 minority report, give or take 8-10 mixed responses. Minority about 10% of total.

(9) March 4 2017: PSYQ Exam Results (Two): Does the Mandela Effect Show Intelligent Purpose?

"Culture is not your friend."

Wherein I respond to two comments:

The story of Mandela's life is irrelevant to the Effect? Really?

The PSYQ test that specifically applies to the Mandela narrative does not take into account that individuals have examined and disabled other psyops, such as 911. Objection coming from Vinnie D. Valid and very helpful in clarification of this investigation.

USO: unidentified supernatural origin of the Effect

TEXT - 4 March 2017: Procedures, second stage of the gnostic investigation, written material under mythophrenia

() (10) March 2017 - The Naming of the Mandela Effect is Not By Chance

(11) 17 March 2017 - Trouble in the Terrarium : A Divine Experiment Gone Wrong

Suggested name for the primary subject of the experiment: rhome (Coptic), ROW-may. The Cosmic Designer placed the rhome (species) in the setting of the divine experiment (earth).

(12) 18 March 2017 - The Mandela Effect Is an Alarm Signal Coming fron "The Source"

(13)18 March 2017 - A Sphinx Named Mandela: Decoding the Name of the Effect

1. set of 15 or 16 (gross, greater)

2. shock of sheaves: group of sheaves standing on end in a field

3.* to shock (mandeln setzen)

4. adenoids, tonsils - thyroid gland, iodine + thymus 18 petalled lotus

5. almond

6.* amygdaloid, amygdala 7. geode

(14)21 March 2017 - Head Shock: The Mandela Effect - Warning About the Brain Parasite

(15)26 March 2017 - TOXO : Profile of an Alien Mindset

Cartoon Illustration from : http://io9.gizmodo.com/5103823/get-rid-of-your-mind-controlling-parasite-in-nine-easy-steps

NOTE: There is considerable discussion of alien mind parasites all over the Internet, much of it relating to pop culture, science fiction, and various fixations and fascinations of the Millennials who are deeply infected but also exhibit in some cases ferocious resistence to the alien mindset. The expose of Toxo and how to overcome it are not without comic and hilarious features.

Primary Points in the Profile of TOXO:

1 Decreases novelty seeking and interest in learning something new, impedes the recognition of novelty

2 Makes the host impervious to facts, thus sevely handicaps the probative faculty: you cannot prove anything unless you consider the facts in a coherent structure of evidence

3 Hijacks and rewires the reward circuit, diverting dopamine, blurring the boundaries of sexual drives

4 Deranges and inverts the natural fight-flight mechanism of the backbrain

5 Lowers IQ, impedes capacity to learn

6 Exhibits mimetic properties in social interaction: those not infected will imitate tthe behavior of those who are. Similar to Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.

7 The Conoid (cone-shaped polymer tubulin of the parasite) shows features of artifical manufacture: it is not a natural formation but an alien implant. "Foreign installation" -- Carlos Castaneda

Extended talk on the Alien Mindset (forthcoming)


1the actual ET/Archon living in the solar system outside the earth

2 the biological parasite (neural hack), Toxoplasma Gondii

2 the human proxies of the ET/Archon - the Xenosh. From xeno-, "foreign, alien." These proxies in turn are of three types: the primary or vector group through whom the infection entered the human species, the hybrids, and the fully Archontic humans.

TOXO FILE prepared for this channel PDF

(16) Almond Shock: Divine Eruption in the Terrestrial Matrix

Review key points in the Introduction: The M.E. is a complex signal designed to guide human attention in five distinct ways:

1 toward the source of the Effect - universal

2 toward the process of decoding - hermeneutic, narrative structure

3 toward a collective defect in the human mindset - social

4 toward a pattern of engagement unique to each observor - the personal relevance of the cues and clues = biophasic clues

5 toward what comes in later expressions of the Effect - the transpersonal aspect, the superlearning event, mitosis, mutation of Anthropos 11

The source of the Effect, the supernatural agency causing it, points to itself by examples of the Effect. How so? In the meanings of the German Mandel:

Mirror, mirror. Noxzema -- searches begin in 2006, with a peak in 2009. Mother Theresa-- searches begin before 2010 when the Effect was named.

(17) 27 March 2017 Gnostic Ciphertext for Decoding the Mandela Effect

Example of a code based on a cipherbook or translation key:




"Marx is Satan"

Cryptography: the art of writing or solving codes. Practiced through the Ages.

Johannes Trithemius of Trier: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Trithemius.

Ramon Lull:.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramon_Llull

Decoding the name MANDELA: 6 nouns and one verb, six combos

To shock + amygdala = warning about the Archontic infection, alien parasites

To shock + almond :: almond shape = vesica = recognition of the Divine Feminine, Sophia

To shock + 15/16 ?

To shock + geode ?

These two clues require reference to the Gnostic codebook or body of Gnostic teachings derived from the Mysteries. This body of material consists of five components:

the sacred narrative: The Fallen Goddess Scenario

The Nag Hammadi Coptic books (NHC) and related ancient works

a set of instructions for ritual bonding with the earth

an icon: the Shakti Cluster, variation of the vesica/almond

Gaian Shamanism: Planetary Tantra


To shock + cut sheaves standing in a stack

To shock + tonsils

ADVANCE to Tracking Page 2 : upload (18) and continuing

Mirror, mirror. Noxzema -- searches begin in 2006, with a peak in 2009. Mother Theresa-- searches begin before 2010 when the Effect was named.


Turbulent Vortex in the Terrestrial Matrix



PSYQ Mandela Effect Reveals Conformity and Impairment of Attention

"Getting to the point." This process is like a tour of a crime scene where the event has been solved but detectives in training are invited to learn how it was solved. This process is the foundation course for the Superlearning Event. My intention as the gnostic teacher is to provide the opportunity for you to evaluate yourself and text the "bandwidth" and download/upload speed of your attention, you basic capacity to pay attention.

ADD: attention deficit disorder. IPF: impairment of the probative faculty. This investigation reveals how this mental faculty -- the capacity to build an argument or follow an argumenty, to develop a proof or follow one that is presented to you -- may be impaired. And it also shows exactly what impairs it: "head shock". The cause of impairment is encoded into the Effect -- the material cause, the neurological cause.

Think Mandela: think of any part of the human organism that comes to mind, suggested or prompted by that word. The root mandel universally refers to a tree that bears nuts, like a pecan tree or a walnut tree. What kind of nut comes to mind via the association of the word mandela?

Consider the meaning of mandel/mandela in various languages, including German.

Consider the word for "majority" in Russian: bolshevik.

The "TEN-PACK" in mythophrenia, background material

Various scenarios of divine intervention: The Great Deception

1, Human and Supernatural Powers - Persenting some examples of interventions scenarios from ancient myth and the dominant religions.

Note that intervention is one of the five top mythemes to be found in all cultures in all times across the world. Note also the crucial distinction between an archontic intervention due to alien intrusion, and the intervention of the Wisdom Goddess Sophia, predicted in Gnostic teachingts : "Correction." They are both supernatural events but of utterly different kinds.

Consider the play on the term "Great Deception." Christians and others among the adherents of the Abrahamic religions believe that it is an event orchestrared by Satan or the Devil to trick humanity and foil the master plan of the Creator.

Finally, contrast the Jewish-Muslim fix with the Gnostic idea of Correction. The Jews has a plan to fix the world (tikkun olam) and the Muslims hold shartia law to the solution to all problems on the planet. Although Jews and Muslims are apparently adversaries who hate each other, these two agenda work well together -- this is the Jewish-Muslim fix. Although it has religious connotations, it is perfectly compable with the goals of atheistic Communism, which itself is the creation of Jewish ideologues for social revolution.

2, Handling Supernatural Power -- defines the Supernatural in a way that connects helpfully with understanding the Mandela Effect.

3. Love and the Supernatural - describes the nature of the "Satanic Cabal" as the instrument of alien archontic intrusion into the divine experiment, using certain proxies. Hence the Gnostic warning about who the archons chose to do their work against humanity.

NOTE: Throughout all three essays, I repeat my view that "the hallmark of capture in the Great Deception is the absolute conviction of knowing how it works." To put it otherwise, the Great Deception is the illusion of being caught in a battle between cosmic good and cosmic evil, GOD VS DEVIL or GOD VS SATAN. I am not offering a solution to the battle, I am dissolving the illusion that there is one.

The point being, there is a conflict happening on earth but it cannot be seen for what it is framed in the Abrahamic concept of Good Vs Evil. That framework itself places you in the Great Deception.

In summary, I use these three essays to develop the picture of two interventions, one ongoing for a long time, and the other, called Sophia's Correction, just now beginning.

Elsewhere in the TEN-PACK, I propose that two outstanding factors in the intervention of the Wisdom Goddess are wit, or comedic clair, and novelty.

The takeaway of talk 10 : focus on novelty so that you can discern how the Mandela Effect works.

The Effect Considered as "Secret Gathering", Not a Mass Awakening - The Selection Process

# The Trickster in Your Mind

"The trickster symbolizes not only the mythology of human life, but the myth-making processes of the human mind itself."

- R. D.Pelton, The Trickster in West Africa: A Study of Mythic Irony and Sacred Delight

#Foreknowledge of the Mandela Effect (Correction) in Gnostic writings:

When Sophia saw the impiety of the Lord Archon she was filled with anger. Acting in her invisible form, she spoke in this way: "You are mistaken, blind one -- false deity who cannot see. There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your spectral forms (plasmata). This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded (into a lump). And you will sink away to your proper zone, along with those who belong to your legion.

For at the consummation of your work, the entire defect [of Archontic illusion] exposed in the light of truth will be abolished, and [that illusion] will be as if it never had been.

-- On the Origin of the World, 103.15-30

The Secret Book (Apocryphon) of John NHC II, 20: 15-29 (p 118-119, The Gnostic Coptic Library, Volume 2, Brill, Leiden Boston Koln 2000)

And humanity shone because that material Light (biophotonic radiation) was within it, and the human mind was superior to the false creators.

Through the Makarios, the Originator (Father-Mother) sent an aid to humanity (Adam): the luminous epinoia which is vital, carried in the life process itself. And through it, Sophia energizes the human creature, striving with it, and restoring it to its ultimate purpose, by teaching the descent and ascent of the mind-seed (chromatin), and how the calibration develops, upward and downwards.

And the luminous epinoia was hidden in Adam (humanity). And the Epinoia of the Organic Light was hidden, so that the Archons might not find it, and so that Sophia, who resembles us, might correct her defects by means of that same Light.

# Lost in the Sauce: Confusion and Delusion About the Cause of the Mandela Effect

# The Fraud of CERN, Quantum Computing, and Theoretical Physics





Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.