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Mandela Effect Decoded

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This page presents text, links, and references supporting the talks to be found on the YT channel MANDELA EFFECT DECODED. Material listed in chronological orcer.

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Generic info / references / books by JLL

The soruce of the baffling paranormal phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect is the Earth itself, the mother planet. The source identifies itself to those receiving the signal in the initial encoding ("log-on signal") by one of the conversions of the word Mandel in German: almond, almond-shape = vesica pisces.

Below: two traditional ways or representing the vesica piaces or the womb of nature: the Sheela-na-Gig, a pagan totemic figure displaying her sexual orifice, and a multiple vesica design artistically imposed on a goddess figure. I propose calling the vesica the ALMOND VORTEX.


(18) -- March 2017: Synoptic Clues in the Effect: Wynona > WINONA.

Synoptic: 1. of or forming a general summary or synopsis. E.g., "a synoptic outline of the contents" 2. taking or involving a comprehensive mental view. E.g., "a synoptic model of higher education" 3. relating to the Synoptic Gospels.

I propose to coOPT the term synOPTic to apply to those clues that have to be decoded or interpreted by reference to the Gnostic background material and worldview, including both the ancient sources and the current, updated system of Gnosis. Example of a ciphertext or translation code. Forensics, CSI analogies. Another example, analysis of rug fibers in a crime scene. Car paint, used in the investigation of the death of Diana Spencer. Or ballistics, which relies on a catalogue of metallic signatures.

Among the six nominal clues (derived from the name of the Effect), two are direct and the remaining four are synoptic, requiring forensic study by reference to the background Gnostic material:

1 Shock to the Amygdala: warning about the Archontic infection, TOXO

2 Almond = vesica pisces, oval, cunt-shaped vortex of supernatural earth forces, signature of the Goddess:

Typical illustration of the almond/vesica pisces/mandorla with a Christian symbol (Virgin Mary) imposed to misdirect and coopt the original meaning, referring to the Earth Goddess and her spectrum of telluric powers. Jesus teaching the Gospels and other images of patriarchial figures enforcing the salvationist virus are often seen. They are now blown away by the raw force of the Earth Mother who reveals the full range of her powers and introduced the Mandela Effect as a supernatural phenomenon, an act of divine intervention.

The remaining four clues embedded in the name Mandela are synoptic, requiring forensic study to be deciphered and interpreted:

3 the big 15 = 16...? What makes 15 turn into 16? Connotations of 16?

4 the geode...? Obviously another reference to the ALMOND VORTEX

5 the cut sheaves standing in a stack...?

6 the tonsils. English also had amygdales "the tonsils" (early 15c.), from a secondary sense of the Latin word in Medieval Latin, a translation of Arabic al-lauzatani "the two tonsils," literally "the two almonds," so called by Arabic physicians for fancied resemblance. Tonsils derives from Latin toles, "goiter", referring actually to the http://ew.com/article/1991/01/25/storm-over-sofia-coppola/thyroid gland.

Outstanding example of a synoptic clue proving that the Effect referss directly to its supernatural source. Residue:The Bryan Times, May 15, 1990 presents the occluded spelling, Wynona, associated in the same sentence with the name Sofia. Also, the Spielberg/Indiana Jones clue is prominent elsewere in the Mandela arrays.

Define nona: a combining form meaning “nine, ninth,” used in the formation of compound words such as nonagon.

"The Apocryphon of John describes the specific act of Pleromic intervention (episode 7) and Sophia’s response to it in close detail:

When the invisible spirit of the Originator had consented, the divine force poured over her from the whole Pleroma of Generators, the divine Aeons. For it was not her consort alone who came to her assistance, but through the Christos the entire Pleroma came so that she might correct her deficiency. And she was elevated to above the realm of her offspring, the Lord Archon, that she might be in the ninth until she has corrected her deficiency. (II, 1, 14. 5–10)

In Mystery language, the Ninth is code for the earth as an organic planetary body distinct from the inorganic planetary system, called the Hebdomad or the Seventh. In many mythologies throughout the world nine is the number of the Goddess. Three times three is the preeminent signature of feminine divinity. Graves says, 'The Triple Muse is woman in her divine character: the poet’s enchantress, the only theme of his songs.'"

Chapter 10, The Fallen Goddess, Not in His Image, p. 162

Sophia, the living planetary superorganism, and the Hebdomad, the Seven or Seventh: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Additional terms (proposed, optional, not mandatory:

nominative clues: contained in the name attached to the Effect. Also called the log-on signal for initiation of the Effect. This is a unique case, sui generis. Clues derived from the name Mandela are nominative, none others are.

synoptic clues: which carry a component that can only be deciphered by allusion to the ciphertext or auxiliary tool, the body of Gnostic teachings in five parts. Example: Wynona > WINONA is synoptic by allusion to a specific text in the Hag Hammadi material.

The occluded form is Wynona, with plenty of residual evidence. The occluding form, now evident in the current record, is Winona, as some remember it always having been.

scripted clues: which lead to a specific integral narrative that may be either historical or otherwise, such as mythical, alluding to legend or fairy-tale, etc. Seven Dwarfs alludes to the mythical narrative of the Hebdomad, the Archons, which is a sub-plot of the Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS).

Additionally, clues alluding to the specific historical narratives highlighted by the Effect can be called historiographic, or historial for short. Historiography is the art of writing history based on a remembered record of facts, persons, and events. For example, there is an historial inference in the name of Charles Schultz > SCHULZ.

biotropic clues: which carry allusions to personal experiences and events in the network of personal reality.In other words, the clue turns toward (troph-) personal biographical content. For instance, the Wynona>WINONA clue alludes in the case of yours truly to biographic facts: I met her mother, Cindy Palner, and was associated professional with her father, Michael Horowitz, the curator of the literary archives of Timothy Leary, whose ex-wife was my close friend for 20 years. Also, through the Kerouac legacy I had a contract agreement with Frances Ford Coppola and his company Zoetrope for the title of On the Road.

The ABC of the Mandela Effect: Attune to the Source, Beware of the Alien Factor, Correct the Historical Lie.

(19) Sophianic Baby Talk, Preverbal NLP, and Phonemes in the Mandela Effect

Maria Joao: Inez (jazz vocalization): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZONR3HoUXM

Mama Teach: Navigator Briefing #79, 25m.


Fallen Goddess Scenario: http://www.metahistory.org/GAIA%20SOPHIA/Synopsis9SMrevised.php

NLP: neuro-linguistic programming, requires of course the use of spoken language. Contrast with neuro-learning programs, which are preverbal. You learn how to learn before you can speak of learning. In preverbal NLP, your brain configures the learning patterns you will use when you have verbal abilities. The signal coming through the M.E. reaches you at that level, just on the border between verbal and pre-verbal apprehension of the world.

(20) 3 April 2017 This Effect Is Manifesting the Planetary Logos

(21)3 April 2017 Gaia-Sophia Calls You to Her Correction

Protective Shield around the earth, detected by shamanic practice in August 2014, detected by scientists in November 2014:


Scientists who have no notion of the living dynamic of the earth and cosmos, speculate that the shield is designed to protect the earth against "killer electrons" -- fabled elementary particles. Gnostic intel indicates that the protective egg produced by two discrete blasts of UTI (unpulsed telluric infrasound) a month prior to it being discovered, has the purpose of shielding huymanity from nefarious short-wave radiations emitted by Archons inhabiting the outer reaches of the solar system.

(22)6 April 2017 Historical Shock in the Mandela Effect?

Four kinds or varieties of shock:

incidental: terrible event, accident, illness

the kind used for mass mind control: 911, war on terror

the countershock of delight, release, and regeneration coming out of the telluric matrix: Almond Shock, the impact of the Earth Mother breaking through to her children in the Mandela Effect

historical event that you live through (immediate) or hear about as having occured in the past (remote shock: Dresden, the Rhine Meadow death camps of Eisenhower)

Rhine meadows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUseJujV0qs

Why South Africa? Why now?

Note: 6 April 1652 -- 365 years ago -- was the day the first white Europeans (Dutch) who came to be known as Boers touched land in South Africa.

27 April 1994, 23 years ago, Mandela was elected president, head of the ANC Party.

(23) 7 April 2017 Memory Split: Why That Ryder Woman Can't Spell Her Own Name

BLODEUWEDD: blow-DIE-eth, nine-flower Wlech goddess

CERRIDWEN: KER-rid-wen, underworld goddess who inspires poets

MNEMOSYNE: Nuh-MOSS-uh-knee, Greek goddess of memory, mother of the nine Muses

WYNONA: To win nines is to gain the power of regenerated memory, which includes conscience, knowing right and wrong. It also means to enter the Superlearning Event, to recover the nine, the sacred arts and sciences.

(24A)10 April 2017 Approaching Gnosticism Orientation Talk part 1

(24B) 10 April 2017 Approaching Gnosticism Orientation Talk part 2

Considering the difficulty of this subject, and the considerable disinfo and slander about Gnosticism and Gnostics, you might benefit from this reading of an essay I wrote in 2006: Approaching Gnosticism - Through the Eye of the Heart

Written in 2006. Note, there are typos in the text. Also, I use certain words such as spiritual and spirituality that I no longer consider to be valid currency in discourse or education.


Origins of the Gnostic Movement

Gnostic Gallery

When the Mysteries Died

Kundalini and the Alien Force

INTERLUDE: 11 April 2017 Message to 1000 Subscribers plus a Gift

The Nine Loves of the Anthropos

Excerpted from talks with Thomas Malone (Touchstone Tom: Grok the Talk) around 2010.

Anthropos 11 (A-11) refers to the mutation of the current version of the human species into a re-enlivened and regenerated species consistent with livin in Sophia's Correction. h


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CER-ID-WEN. Wen is white, Gwen, Guinevere, Gwynneth (in North Wales) in Celtic and Welsh. Cymraeg, Kum-RAI-eeg. The Welsh are the Cymri. Also note, the emphasis on W : the double V, not double U. V V.





PSYQ Mandela Effect Reveals Conformity and Impairment of Attention

"Getting to the point." This process is like a tour of a crime scene where the event has been solved but detectives in training are invited to learn how it was solved. This process is the foundation course for the Superlearning Event. My intention as the gnostic teacher is to provide the opportunity for you to evaluate yourself and text the "bandwidth" and download/upload speed of your attention, you basic capacity to pay attention.

ADD: attention deficit disorder. IPF: impairment of the probative faculty. This investigation reveals how this mental faculty -- the capacity to build an argument or follow an argumenty, to develop a proof or follow one that is presented to you -- may be impaired. And it also shows exactly what impairs it: "head shock". The cause of impairment is encoded into the Effect -- the material cause, the neurological cause.

Think Mandela: think of any part of the human organism that comes to mind, suggested or prompted by that word. The root mandel universally refers to a tree that bears nuts, like a pecan tree or a walnut tree. What kind of nut comes to mind via the association of the word mandela?

Consider the meaning of mandel/mandela in various languages, including German.

The "TEN-PACK" in mythophrenia, background material

Various scenarios of divine intervention: The Great Deception

1, Human and Supernatural Powers - Persenting some examples of interventions scenarios from ancient myth and the dominant religions.

Note that intervention is one of the five top mythemes to be found in all cultures in all times across the world. Note also the crucial distinction between an archontic intervention due to alien intrusion, and the intervention of the Wisdom Goddess Sophia, predicted in Gnostic teachingts : "Correction." They are both supernatural events but of utterly different kinds.

Consider the play on the term "Great Deception." Christians and others among the adherents of the Abrahamic religions believe that it is an event orchestrared by Satan or the Devil to trick humanity and foil the master plan of the Creator.

Finally, contrast the Jewish-Muslim fix with the Gnostic idea of Correction. The Jews has a plan to fix the world (tikkun olam) and the Muslims hold shartia law to the solution to all problems on the planet. Although Jews and Muslims are apparently adversaries who hate each other, these two agenda work well together -- this is the Jewish-Muslim fix. Although it has religious connotations, it is perfectly compable with the goals of atheistic Communism, which itself is the creation of Jewish ideologues for social revolution.

2, Handling Supernatural Power -- defines the Supernatural in a way that connects helpfully with understanding the Mandela Effect.

3. Love and the Supernatural - describes the nature of the "Satanic Cabal" as the instrument of alien archontic intrusion into the divine experiment, using certain proxies. Hence the Gnostic warning about who the archons chose to do their work against humanity.

NOTE: Throughout all three essays, I repeat my view that "the hallmark of capture in the Great Deception is the absolute conviction of knowing how it works." To put it otherwise, the Great Deception is the illusion of being caught in a battle between cosmic good and cosmic evil, GOD VS DEVIL or GOD VS SATAN. I am not offering a solution to the battle, I am dissolving the illusion that there is one.

The point being, there is a conflict happening on earth but it cannot be seen for what it is framed in the Abrahamic concept of Good Vs Evil. That framework itself places you in the Great Deception.

In summary, I use these three essays to develop the picture of two interventions, one ongoing for a long time, and the other, called Sophia's Correction, just now beginning.

Elsewhere in the TEN-PACK, I propose that two outstanding factors in the intervention of the Wisdom Goddess are wit, or comedic clair, and novelty.

The takeaway of talk 10 : focus on novelty so that you can discern how the Mandela Effect works.

The Effect Considered as "Secret Gathering", Not a Mass Awakening - The Selection Process

# The Trickster in Your Mind

"The trickster symbolizes not only the mythology of human life, but the myth-making processes of the human mind itself."

- R. D.Pelton, The Trickster in West Africa: A Study of Mythic Irony and Sacred Delight

# Foreknowledge of the Mandela Effect (Correction) in Gnostic writings:

When Sophia saw the impiety of the Lord Archon she was filled with anger. Acting in her invisible form, she spoke in this way: "You are mistaken, blind one -- false deity who cannot see. There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your spectral forms (plasmata). This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded (into a lump). And you will sink away to your proper zone, along with those who belong to your legion.

For at the consummation of your work, the entire defect [of Archontic illusion] exposed in the light of truth will be abolished, and [that illusion] will be as if it never had been.

-- On the Origin of the World, 103.15-30

The Secret Book (Apocryphon) of John NHC II, 20: 15-29 (p 118-119, The Gnostic Coptic Library, Volume 2, Brill, Leiden Boston Koln 2000)

And humanity shone because that material Light (biophotonic radiation) was within it, and the human mind was superior to the false creators.

Through the Makarios, the Originator (Father-Mother) sent an aid to humanity (Adam): the luminous epinoia which is vital, carried in the life process itself. And through it, Sophia energizes the human creature, striving with it, and restoring it to its ultimate purpose, by teaching the descent and ascent of the mind-seed (chromatin), and how the calibration develops, upward and downwards.

And the luminous epinoia was hidden in Adam (humanity). And the Epinoia of the Organic Light was hidden, so that the Archons might not find it, and so that Sophia, who resembles us, might correct her defects by means of that same Light.

The Fallen Goddess, Ch. 10, Not in His Image, p. 162





Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.