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The Charlotte Working

Welcome to the tracking page for the Charlotte Working, the first "open source" demonstration of Gaian Tantric Magic to be attempted before the eyes of the world, with collaboration of self-selecting witnesses, the ground force, supported by sixteen-strong team of accomplished Kalikas, and performed by Tezca, the Nagual of Infinity Ridge.

HITHERTO, this page will be the sole tracking device for this event. If it happens that the YT channel presenting the event is shut down. struck for abuse, or censured, all relevant instruction, content, links and audio can be found here.

Under jupiter mars at the Fulcrum of the SCALES, January 7, 2018

- - j l l

Shakti Cluster, version as handheld app

The Shakti Cluster is a console of 18 power-points or dynamic nodes for accessing telluric Shakti, the infernal powers of the earth. Although it is not an archontic device, it can useful to describe the Shakti Cluster by analogy of IT, computing tools, and interactive devices such as video games. It may be compared as well to an IPhone or smartphone, a handheld device for running applications activated by icons on a touchscreen.

You must engage the SC visually to activate autogenic magic.

The jpeg of the Shakti Custer provided here can be reproduced on A4 size paper, or even poster size, and used for the autogenic tool, or it may be reduced to the size of an iPhone for handheld use. If you opt for the handheld version as illstrated above, you may want to have it laminated or pasted on a firm backing so that it can be mobile. Following the strike more instructions will be provided regarding what is to be printed on the reverse side of the device. Ideally, you will have a laminated handheld tool convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Below is the complete Shakti Cluster design with numbered nodes. Note the color scheme:

1 - 10 black.........................Mahavidyas

11 - 15 dark red..................Diamond Sky Dakinis

16 blue...............................empath nexus

17 white, open circle..........interference cut-out

18 earth color.....................matrix channel V V

Note also how 1 and 17 float in the leading notch of the oval and 18 sits at "the pinch" of the design. The five-pointed or five-petalled design within the oval is called the florette.

Version of the Shakti Cluster showing all 18 nodes. Scan the nodes on the vertical axis, above to below: 17 - 1 - 18 - 16 - 13 - 9. For The Charlotte Working you use only two of these nodes/apps: 16 (blue) and 1.

In the handheld version you see the nodes depicted as squares within the overall rectangular border, resembling a smartphone with a touch screen full of icons that activate apps:

App16 is the telepathic nexus for cooordinating your intention with others around the world who attend to the same ritual event at the same moment: the ground force

App1 is the Kali killpoint that acts as a sighting device by which you direct your intent straight to the T.I.

_________________________________________________________UPDATE tMarch 17, 2018


Note: Solo talks from JLL will no longer be uploaded to the internet on this channel or elsewhere, although recorded conversations and interviews may be available in the future. Notifications of any new material will be posted on this channel or via the mailing list.

For the present written material on this page will be the only new content.

Thank you for your patience and determination.



Afterword on The Charlotte Working

The choice of T.I. for the Charlotte Working may have caused some puzzlement among those who elected to participate in the event. Bear in mind that imperative importance I placed on the theme of "the end of pretending." I uploaded the talk "Diamond Sow: Power at the End of Pretending" on December 27, followed by "Threat Display" on January 1, initiating the C.W. in full transparency. You must take on board the theme of the end of pretending -- the instruction specific to Vajrayogini, Tantra Mother, Miss Piggy -- to fully engage in the CW and what follows.

Stay tuned for JLL to return to the airwaves with detailed instruction on using the Shakti Cluster App and much , much more.

Forthcoming MED uploads after March 17, 2018:

The Great Beast Revealed: Unlocking Your Occult Powers - now in development

Text and talks previously posted on metahistory.org under the rubric Gnostic Sabotage have been withdrawn for revision, to be available at a later time this year in book form, as well as a "learning path" on NEMETA, The School of Sophianic Arts and Sciences.

I have left the portal page for Gnostic Sabotage and uploaded one talk from that series on Mandela Effect Decoded as a preview of the material in revision: Gaian Tantric Magic - The Power of the Great Beast of Revelation

Please note also this TEXT on "Gnostic Sabotage in Progress"







Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.