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The True Lucifer is Sophia

Part Two: The Satanic Distortion


Part 3: Lucifer Liberated

To delve ever deeper into the Sophia/Lucifer implex, let's consider two instances of alleged evil entities often associated the fallen angel motif: the Nephilim and Baphomet.

Enter the Nephilim

Septuagint, Greek-language Old Testament: Genesis 6:4.

4 Now the giants were upon the earth in those days; and after that when the sons of God were wont to go in to the daughters of men, they bore children to them, those were the giants of old, the men of renown.

The Greek word is gigantes, "giants." In the Hebrew the word is Naphil, thought to be a derivative of Hebrew verbal root n-ph-l, "fall". Hence, fallen ones, gigantic fallen entities. In the Book of Enoch these entities are called the Watchers, or have been identified as such by many scholars.

VI, v 1-2 And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. - And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children.'

Note the derivation for "angels, children of heaven": Aramaic IYR, plural IYRIM. Theodotian trans: ir; from the root of Heb. 'er, "awake, watchful"; Greek egregoroi. Slavic transliteration, Grigori, "Watchers", "those who are awake, who observe or guard", "Watcher" is a term used in connection with biblical angels alleged to have fallen from heaven. Note that the Watchers are said to have intercourse with terrestrial women.

The gigantes - egregores - "Sons of God" - fallen angels, what have you, are said to have copulated with the daughters of men, earthbound women. Either the progeny of these fallen angels, or the angels themselves, or both, were said to be "the giants of old, men of reknown." Read this to say that the fallen angels became men. If they were not men in the first place. They became mighty hunters like Nimrod, magicians, and leaders of nations.

Christians bent on exposing "satanic" and "luciferic" demons who attack humanity identify the Watchers/Nephilim with the fallen angels in the heavenly host of Lucifer. Technically, such identification is called conflation in comparative mythological studies. "Conflation happens when the identities of two or more individuals, concepts, or places, sharing some characteristics of one another, seem to be a single identity, and the differences appear to become lost" (Wikipedia). This particular conflation has been endlessly repreated by people who do not consult the original source materials or consult comparative sources, and, even if they did so, lack the critical or forensic skills to evaluate the subject matter in a correct and consistent manner.

The Gender Rift

Unfortunately, I cannot within the limits of this article deconstruct and correct the error contained in the conflation of the Watchers with a presumed Luciferian host of fallen angels. I am confident, however, that it is entirely wrong. According to my studies over 40 years, involving forensic evaluation of the evidence found in ancient sources, the Watchers were not fallen angels. They belong to a different mythological plot altogether.

To the best of my knowledge -- again, I cannot demonstrate it here except for a few cursory examples, due to risking a huge digression-- the Watchers of the Book of Enoch were the primeval, super-terrestrial form of the male gender (andros) of the human species (anthropos). The scenario of the Watchers alludes to the presence of human prototypes beyond the earth at a time when the only human inhabitants of this planet were women (gyne) of the same genomic strain, the anthropine species. This interpretation (unique to myself, as far as I know) relies on a considerable range of ancient textual sources, shamanic lore, literary allusions in high romance and medieval folk-lore, cross--cultural references, and comparative mythological material requiring expert assessment.

For instance, the comment by the Peruvian shaman, Ino Moxo (Cesar Clavo, The Three Halves of Ino Moxo), that among the Ashaninka, natives of the Amazonian basin in Peru, it has always been known that "the first men were women" and only women inhabited the earth in a remote time. This comment relates closely to the world-wide theme found in Plato and other ancient source: the separation of the sexes, or, as I prefer to call it, the gender rift. The gender rift also occurs as a main plot factor in the Sophianic narrative, the Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS).

The obscure and remote event called "the separation of the sexes" is widely alluded in ancient lore, here and there around the world. Also, various myths record the astonishing feat of men descending to earth from the heavenly regions. For instance:

In Tibetan lore derived from indigenous Bon Po shamanism the expression “opening the door of the sky” (nam mkha’ sgo ‘byed) “designates ascent into the celestial sphere by means of a magical rainbow light cord (dmu)...The dmu cord is the symbol of communication between earth and sky: this word is also found in divinatory rites, in which it connotes ‘the cord for ascending to the sky.’... According to ancient narratives, the dmu cord was used by the early kings to descend to earth and then re-ascend to heaven after their death” (Orofino, Tantra in Practice).

In Egyptian religion, rituals of sacred kingship were associated uniquely with Orion, Asar, the Skywalker. “And kingship descended from heaven,” says the Enuma Elish, but the text is corrupt, or it has been read corruptly. The institution of kingship did not descend from heaven, the candidates for it did. “And the royal lines descended from heaven” is closer to the true meaning of this famous quote. “Royal lines” came to signify biological inheritence, but originally it indicated the plasmatic streamers, acca-cords.

Ascent is possible because it had been preceded by a descent: the super-terrestrial males descended on streamers from the Orion Nebula where the Aeonic template for the human species is nested, according to the FGS. Their bodies were huge emulsions that stained the skies, produced violent weather and engendered stunning displays of thunder and lightning. They were remembered as storm-gods. Shahs, emperors and pharaohs, all ancient theocrats, descendants of  hunter-shamans who were in turn late plasmic-somatic hybrids of the Nefhilim, "nebula-men." They were universally identified with Orion because they came from there, not from the stars in the belt but from Trapezium in the “sword,” the phallic detail.

Fallen Angel Magic

The gender rift, causing a bizarre separation of the two parts of the Anthropic genome, with subsequent different paths of evolution in the terrestrial environment, is the crime that has been committed -- that is, the mysterious event to which the clues apply. But knowing nothing of this even -- if you lack the Sophianic narrative in which it forms a major plot-factor -- you cannot make sense of the clues pointing to it. Due to this problem, the Nephilim clue has been massively misread.

Christians, along with many others, will of course continue to insist that the Watchers were Luciferian fallen angels, or even archons. I cannot prove this is not so except by elaborate exposition, and I ask no one to take my word on it. I can only advise the reader to consider a narrative that may come across as entirely novel, unprecedented by anything you have previously learned or heard: Females of the human species arose coevally with the body of the planet earth, originally inhabited by them alone, and their male counterparts (derived from the same genomic plasm) arrived later via astral transport, as described in the passages cited here.

Before departing from this dauntingly obscure topic, I would like to offer two short observations.

First, the desire of off-planet entities to copulate with the "daughters of men," represented in the myth of the Watchers, occurs as a theme in the Gnostic Coptic material where the archons are shown lusting after Eve. From The Hypostasis of the Archons:

And the Archons became attracted to Eve, the primal woman. They said to one another, "Come, let us sow our seed in her," and they pursued her. And she laughed at them for their witlessness, and their blindness; and within reach of their clutches, she turned into a tree, and left before them a shadowy reflection of herself.

It was natural for the Watchers/Nephilim/Orion Men to lust after the Gaian women, their genomic counterparts of the female gender. Even Milton's Paradise Lost, which adheres closely to the official Biblical myth of the creation of Eve from Adam's rib, contains glimmering hints of the split-genome narrative. Book 8, line 495 records the sublime moment when the male of the anthropine species recognizes his perfect mirroring in a female counterpart: "I now see Bone of my Bone, Flesh of my Flesh, my Self before me."

But the natural lust between the two genders of the same genomic plasm came under risk of perversion due to cross-species violation of evolutionary boundaries. In the FGS, the archons are the remote cosmic cousins of humanity, spawned anomalously before the earth itself was formed. Not partaking of the human genomic endowment, they feel envy for the human race and contrive to despoil it. From the reaches of the solar system beyond the earth, the archons lust for earthbound women, epitomized mythologically as Eve. The Sophianic narrative derived from Coptic materials describe how the archons lust after Eve, but the text states explicitly how she escaped their embrace.

Then the Archons approached Adam. and when they saw his female counterpart speaking with him, they became greatly agitated and in arousal for her. They said to one another, "Come let us sow our seed in her," and they pursued her. And she, the mother of the living, laughed at them for their witlessness and blindness; and in their clutches she turned into a tree, and left before them her shadowy reflection resembling herself. (The Hypostasis of the Archons, 15-25)

However, the Gaian women did not escape the embrace of the Orion Men, the Watchers. Over many eons of time, the life of the Gaian women was profoundly altered by the magical arts taught to them by their nebular counterparts. Arts of cosmetic disguise, make-up and tatooing, totemic magic, seduction techniques (stalking) and, last but not least, archery. Again, the Book of Enoch:

VII. 1-2. And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants. - And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells.

In summary, the Nephilim were superman-like versions of the primeval human male who descended on acca-threads from Orion: "and kingship (i.e., male power) descended from heaven." The name also applies to subsequent generations of titanic offspring produced when the men mated with the Gaian woman. It is necessary to rule out the Watchers evidence as extraneous to the implex of Lucifer/Sophia. The correction and truthful telling of this vast tableau of events in the prehistory of the prehistory of the human species is a responsibility I place upon students of Planetary Tantra. Learn the true story by heart and work out how to tell it.

Baphomet = Sophia

As you consider and compare these themes, bear in mind the particular spin of the term implex, as distinct from complex. The latter is a mix or conflation of various elements, some of which may be in narrative form -- the Oedipus Complex, for example. But an implex involves a factor of distortion, playing one thing against another and converting something into its opposite so that "the fortune of the chief actor changes from bad to good, or from good to bad."

Such has been the case with the mythic image of the Aeon Sophia. Once that image was almost totally eradicated with the suppression of the Mysteries, remnants of it came to be encrusted in various myths and legends, but always in such a way that clues to the identity of Sophia were distorted and inverted, making her look like the opposite of what she is.

The figure of Lucifer warps before your eyes, at times morphing into Satan, the Devil, represented by Baphomet, but Baphomet is a satanic distortion of Sophia.

It could be said that the memory of the Eonic Mother of humanity, the wisdom goddess Sophia, while it inheres in the human psyche by the power of deep recollection, has been distorted in a way that recalls the implantation of false memories in trauma-based mind control. This distortion and occultation have come about through religious indoctrination, the treat of hellfire and damnation, the psychotic projection of diabolic powers, and more. This indoctrination was and is indedd a massive program of mind control.

Yes, but in the larger picture, individual humans have failed in recollecting the Aeonic Mother one person at a time as they fall into diabolic fantasies nurtured by fear of the unknown and the supernatural. They have turned away from the Wisdom Goddess out of their inability to surrender to her immediate awesome presence, even due to an endemic toxic reaction to that presence, the reaction of biophobia. Gaia-Sophia is the source of life and in itself, superlife, super-alive. Direct contact with the super-alive can be scary. In some instances, human animals are afraid to face the naked power of life in full revelation at its source, the presence of the planet itself.

In evidence of this twisty process which converts what is sublime and super-alive into a threatening presence, consider the image of Baphomet. This figure is a psychotic fiction of Judeo-Christian indocrination, originating with the evil goat-man who is none other than the nature god, Pan, converted into a demonic monster. The widely displayed image of Baphomet shown at the top of this article is a late production from the hand of the Alphonse Constant, aka Eliphas Levi (1810 - 1875). It is not an ancient deity, or even a medieval image of a demonic creature. Constant was a defrocked priest, probably a child-molester who set himself up as one of the leading lights of the Occult Revival in the 19th Century. The image of Baphomet currently taken for a hideous portrait of Lucifer-Satan comes from his book, Transcendental Magic (Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, 1856). And what an insufferable crock of bloated nonsense that is.

So, the image of Baphomet is a recent confection and was unknown in ancient times, even in the Middle Ages. By contrast, the name Baphomet is much older than Levi's well-known piece of esoteric kitsch. Here I refer the reader to the work of Hugh Schonfield, a Biblical scholar upon whom I relied in writing Not in His Image. As the cited article explains, Schonfield showed that the name BAPHOMET encodes the name of SOPHIA. The code used for this simple conversion is called the Atbash cipher.

When this encoding was done, sometime in the Middle Ages, the image you see of Baphomet in Levi's rendering did not exist. It comes very late in European history. Nevertheless, medieval depictions and narratives presenting the Devil/Lucifer/Satan implex in the image of a goat-man wth cloven feet, horns, and bat-like wings (fallen angel gear) were in circulation since around the 7th Century. The works of Jeffrey Burton Russell are unexcelled on this topic. In a series of soundly researched studies, Russell proves that Christians invented the Devil by inverting the Pagan nature god Pan and adding the wings. In that way, they enforced their psychotic belief that the natural world is evil and throbbing with demons who want to torture human animals, or seduce them into committing sin -- mainly, sexual pleasure.

Finally, I submit that this attitude, which is to this day massively subscribed and enforced at the global level, belies biophobia which itself is due to the inability to surrender to the beauty and power of "Mother Nature," the Aeon Sophia in material immanence. She, the greatest witch of all.

Devil Worship

In conclusion, consider the following terms:

Lucifer: light bearer. Another name for the Aeon Sophia who brings Pleromic luminosity to the earth and who endowed the Anthropos with the luminous epinoia. Adjectives, Luciferic, Luciferian

devil: any radiant entity, related to deva, Sanskrit dyaus

divine: from the same root as devil, "radiant, supernatural, superhuman."

diabolos: adversary, opponent. A title or role, not an entity.

satan: adversary, opponent - a role, not an entity: i.e., lawyer. Adjective, Satanic.

demon: according to Christians, an infernal supernatural creature in the service of Lucifer/Satan/Devil, thought to inhabit the interior of the material planet

daemon or daimon: in the Pagan classic world, a guiding spirit, one who inspires and advises, as the daemon of Socrates. comparable to a tutelary deity in Tibetan Buddhism, i.e., dakini.

Finally, consider the etymology of the word worship: literally, to acquire worth or value. Worthship.

Old English worðscip, wurðscip (Anglian), weorðscipe (West Saxon) "condition of being worthy, dignity, glory, distinction, honor, renown," from weorð "worthy" (see worth) + -scipe (see -ship). Sense of "reverence paid to a supernatural or divine being" is first recorded c. 1300.

To worship is to derive a sense of value for oneself by subjection to a power considered superior to oneself. The payoff of worship comes when the superhuman agency transfers its authority to the worshipper. Worshipping makes people feel worthy, it enhances their self-worth. Such is the great deceit of worship.

Those who already feel their own worth (self-love) do not need to worship anything. I would say that those individuals who have true self-worth abhor the notion of any kind of religious worship. I certainly do.

Planetary Tantra is an upgrade of the Pagan Mysteries, a path of dedication to the Aeonic Mother and interactive magic with the earth. In this practice you worship no one, not even the Planetary Animal Mother. But you revere the maternal terrestrial Aeon in all her forms and ways. Planetary Tantra is biophilia in action. To frame it as a religion, it would be called Sophianic Animism.

Such an act of reverence has to be expressed, articulated, spoken and stated in an open manner, every day in every possible situation. Not to persuade or convert anyone, but to demonstrate the very great fact that the adoration you direct to the local cosmic source of life vitally upholds your life. And it does something else as well. By that adoring reverence each human animal comes into the strength to accept a singular and supreme opportunity: to enact the role of the lesser beast, the lamb from the earth. More specifically, this is the opportunity to handle the power of the Great Beast, the Animal Mother. Handle it.

How often have you heard the claim "They worship Lucifer"? "Hollywood is run by Satanists." "The Sabbateans are Luciferian Jews who worship Satan." Etc, ad nauseum.

How many times have you heard such accusations and claims? This talk is the blather of ignorant dupes who merely hype and mystify that they purport to expose. They never present tangible proof for these accusations. Those who expound in this manner, declaring that they will expose the evil predators among us, swamp the reasoning mind with circumsantial evidence, guilt by association, symbolic-associative fugues, and implausible testimonies. Behind these accusations lurks the ever-present fear that the satanic entity pictured as Baphomet does actually, literally, physically exist. What a con. I invite him to show himself! I call the Devil to appear to me! I advise you to do the same.

Erotic Bliss

Knowledge of that which is alive can alone banish terror.

Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm

The Devil is commonly lumped with Satan and Lucifer, pictured as a hideous figure who presides over Hell. The horned goat man was Pan, the Pagan nature god. Judeo-Christianity turned nature evil and made Pan into the Devil by inversio -- asJeffrey Burton Russell explains in several volumes. Lucifer is often pictured as bat-winged with horns. The wings give the game away. Pan did not have wings, except perhaps metaphorically speaking, when he was cavorting with a nymph. The wings of pleasure, orgastic release.

Claude Michele Clodion, Satyr and Nymph, 1780

By the mere act of adding wings to Pan, that figure of daemonic delight becomes the image of evil, deceit, corruption, a malicious fiend fallen from a higher station. The inversion of the implex is massive, but equally so can be the re-inversion, setting the story right and showing that Lucifer is Sophia, the fallen goddess of Aeonic luminosity now embodied in the earth. It takes a "satanic conversion" within the syntax of human imagination to produce the specious fiction of Satan. Without the implex, there is no Satan, no agent of evil, literal or imaginary. The actual satanic adversary working against humanity is the off-planet father god, the Demiurge, Ialdabaoth, the lord archon. It is impossible to humanity to recognize and defeat this alien enemy as long as its identity remains concealed behind the psychotic fiction of Satan-Lucifer-Devil.

Be certain on this point: The power of that psychotic fiction operates nefariously in the human mind in ways that can only be overcome and reversed by a superior power, by true counter-magic, biophilia overcoming biophobia, pleasure and delight overcoming pain and suffering, self-love overcoming guilt and shame.

"The rites of the devotees of the Adya Kali are a pleasure to perform." - Mahanirvana Tantra.

jll: September 2, 2015 - rev. October 2016 Andalucia

Added with the oral commentary:

Citations from Romantic poets on the Satanic Hero

Salon Satanism: Against the Grain by Huysmans

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Regarding the film version, 7 hours is a long haul and the story drags a bit in parts. But the opening scene (20 minutes) in the park in Moscow is priceless. There is Satan/Woland discussing if Jesus really exists with two Marxist athiests! The charm and sagacity of Woland make him a genuine Byronic hero. Don't miss it!

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