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The True Lucifer is Sophia

Talk and Text

* October 2016 *

Part 1: Falling from Heaven

audio commentary

Part 2: The Satanic Distortion

audio comentary (Satan as Hero)

Part 3: Lucifer Liberated

audio commentary

The Sigil of Lucifer/Satan

* * * * *

Magical Children of the Wisdom Goddess: white swan, white skin.

To celebrate and protect the excellence of the generations of the unrifted flake is a sacred responsibility of all Sophia's human offspring, who deserve to be called human.

This responsibility crosses all borders, transcends all languages, and brings all ethnicities to mutuality in reverence for the Aeonic Mother through the recognition of indigenous genius, the birthright of the Anthropos.

The talks and text on this page belong to the first "TEN-PACK" on mythophrenia, preparatory to the superlearning event.

REVIEW: previous material related to Sophia/Lucifer:

Disclosure of the Organic Light

Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach (c. 1220 CE) is the story of a warrior's mystic quest to find the Holy Grail. He attains that goal by direct encounter with the Organic Light, the living luminosity of the earth. The Grail quest is not some never-ending journey to fathom the nature of one's self, as many pretenders have claimed. Attainment of the Grail is the same for everyone: that encounter is universal and invariable for the human species.

Parsifal (1885) by Jean Delville

The story of Parzival (Germanic spelling) is an historical legend: that is, it comes down to today in the genre of legend and medieval poetry, but the legend is not merely invented, it reflects and represents actual persons, places, and events, things that really happened. The "Company of the Grail" who live in seclusion in the midst of the Wasteland represents the historical reality of the diaspora of the Mysteries. As fully explained in The Alternative History of the Grail.

So, the point is, Lucifer can be recognized in his true character through the narrative of the Grail Quest. Learning the story of Parzival by heart is therefore a requirement for joining the Grail Company or Grail Community living on the planet today.

Secondly, the true identity of Lucifer "comes to light", to use an apt cliche, in the disclosure of the action and properties of the Organic Light. On JLL's life-long adventure of encountering the Organic Light, beginning with the Cambodian girl in October 1964, see Severed Rose.

The explicit disclosure of how the Light behaves, its texture, its optical and acoustic properties, the chambered depths, its theriomorphic action, the nose drop, and other details were never before disclosed to the public before this account was written. In the Mysteries, initiates observed a vow of silence regarding these vivid properties of the planetary luminosity, due to their well-founded opinion that disclosing the properties of the Light previous to direct encounter with it would queer or bias the human capacity for that encounter.

In Arques, France, in May 2000, JLL stabilized perception of the OL, so that he could consistently and deliberately access it, and on Infinity Ridge in Andalucia in 2004, forty years after the incident with the Cambodian girl, he confirmed that it was a substantial opalescent luminosity of infinity density and zero mass pouring from the material body of the earth -- hence, locally sourced in the planet but not limited to it. In Not in His Image (November 2006), he explained:

The secret luminosity [of the earth] might be called the primary substance body of the Goddess, as distinguished from her planetary body, the earth. The Sophia mythos of the Gnostics describes how a goddess from the Pleroma (cosmic or galactic center) turned into the planet earth, but it does not explain how she remained what she originally was, a torrential current of living luminosity.

To understand the dual status of the earth goddess, it is helpful to look to the teachings of Hindu Tantra. In Shakti and Shakta, Sir John Woodroffe, the main exponent of Hindu Tantra Vidya to the West, compared the Pagan religion of nature worship to “the path of the Gnostic Telestai, the initiates of the Mysteries.” Shakti is a name for the Goddess as the matrix of generative forces that produce and sustain the natural world. The Sanskrit root shak-, “to be powerful,” also occurs in the Shekinah, a Hebrew name for the presence of the female divinity who was textually excised from Judaic religion. It is the root of words such as sacred, sacerdotal, sacrament, and sacrifice.

The compounds Gaia-Shakti and Shakti-Sophia can be useful in asserting the clear and consistent parallels between Goddess mysticism in the West and in Asia. Participants in the Western Mysteries learned that the human species is equipped to live in reciprocity with the emotional body of the Goddess, as other, nonhuman species already do. “All things exist in Her who is of the nature of feeling in a homogeneous mass.” Such is the teaching of Hindu Tantra, fully compatible with Europan and Levantine Gnosis.

But Tantric teachings add an additional point, explaining how Shakti-Sophia could turn into the earth and still remain what she is in cosmic terms. “When moved to create, the Great Power of Megale Dynamis of the Gnostics issues from the depths of Being and becomes Mind and Matter whilst remaining what She ever was.” This statement epitomizes the Sophia mythos and confirms that Shakti-Sophia is the Godhead of Nature. She is both the Mother of Nature (primary substance body) and Nature itself (planetary body). The goddess Sophia turns into the earth, morphing into the physical elements of the solid planet, secreting the solid, fluid, and aerial elements of the atmosphere from her own substance, the Mystery Light. “This primal Power (Adya-Shakti), as object of worship, is the Great Mother (Magna Mater) of all natural things (Natura Naturans) and is Nature itself (Natura Naturata).” (Citations from Woodroffe)

In September 2015, John felt imperatively that it was time to take a shot at correcting the "corrupt file" on Lucifer. He withdrew that attempt but restored it in October 2016.

Disclosure of the Organic Light to the world at large is an on-ongoing revelation of the Aeonic Mother to those who would be her witnesses, and ultimately, her accomplices. "The True Lucifer is Sophia" is an essential phase of that revelation.

jll October 2015 Andalucia


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.