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Planetary Vision, Perverted

A Challenge to Current Exposés of the New World Order

Some time ago I was alarmed by something I heard on the internet documentary, "Esoteric Agenda." Recent developments on the global scale, such as the climate conference in Copenhagen, have increased my concern about a mistaken view of the emergent planetary vision proposed on this site. In this essay I will specify what I mean by planetary vision and indicate what I call the global psychosis, including efforts to coopt and pervert that vision or even turn it to sinister ends.

This essay will also serve as a DISCLAIMER to refute any claim that the Gaian/Sophianic material developed on this site may be cited to support a genocidal social control agenda framed in a deceiving appeal to save the earth from the human species.

Planetary Endgame

The Esoteric Agenda is an internet documentary presenting a long exposé of the Codex Alimentarius. According to Wikipedia

The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for "food code" or "food book") is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety. Its name derives from the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus. Its texts are developed and maintained by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body that was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Commission's main aims are stated as being to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the international food trade. The Codex Alimentarius is recognized by the World Trade Organization as an international reference point for the resolution of disputes concerning food safety and consumer protection.

Currently there is a fast-growing debate over the actual objectives behind this totalitarian policy statement, contrasted to its purported purpose. The creator of Esoteric Agenda agrees with other dissident voices on the Internet that the CA is the cover of a genocidal program of food control with a single aim: massive depopulation. The documentary states that in 1961 the UN commision behind the CA set a goal of population reduction to half a billion with a deadline for full implementation of their plan: December 31, 2009, just two weeks from now.

I have not read the CA, but if it does set a population limit of half a billion to be achieved by the full implementation of the guidelines by December 2012, I would not be surprized. YouTube clips of David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, if they are not fabricated, show these two men openly declaring the goal of drastic and mandated population control, the most taboo subject of global politics. In his talk to a congress of businessmen, Rockefeller advises saving the earth from human excess and depredation by reducing the existing population. He argues that the human presence on the planet, by exceeding a certain limit, threatens not only the quality of life in society but the life of the planet itself. In other words, he blames excess population in and of itself for the most gravely threatening social and environmental problems of our time. More on this analysis at the close of this essay.

The documentary Endgame by Alex Jones appears to be solid in its research and cites precise textual sources that can, I presume, be verified. Regardless of what may be made of Jones' alarmist style, the content of his presentation looks credible -- regarding its factual basis. Using direct quotations, he points out the rationale for a global eugenics program leading to draconian measures of depopulation, a program clearly prefigured in the words of such eminent minds as Frances Galton, Julian Huxley, and Bertrand Russell. In his voiceover, Jones makes two alarming points:

First, the genocidal massacres of the 20th century (The Holodomor in the Ukraine, Dresden, Jewish Bolshevic massacres under Stalin, China under Mao, Cambodia, and elsewhere) were conducted by tyrants who were already in power when they implemented them. In other words, they did not need to decimate the population to control it. So why did they, then?

Second, in stressing that he is presenting conspiracy fact, not conspiracy theory, Jones points out that the objectives and tactics of the global eugenics program are openly stated in the documents but, he adds, if no one comes forth to protest, challenge, or resist their stated aims, the authors of these docments take the absence of objections for a mandate. I must say, this observation makes a lot of sense. For one thing, it explains why such people would openly broadcast their objectives to the world at large when those objectives are flagrantly directed against society and even against the human species. True, media control keeps such policy statements from the general public, but they can be found if one goes looking for them. Apparently, those who produce these documents are using them to test the vigilance of the people targeted by them. According to Jones and a growing band of info-warrior researchers, the target would be ALL of humankind EXCEPT the "chosen ones" who belong to the global elite, or come under their protection.

However, it must be noted that Jones rigorously avoids pointing to the Jewish identity of the ultimate perpetrators of the endgame. In that respect, he can clearly be identified by as a disinfo agent and Zionist shill.

Redeemer Geopolitics

At this point in the widespread expose of Codex Alimentarius, claims on the Internet and in the alternative media appear to be reaching a consensus: namely, depopulation as the most extreme measure of eugenics is the ultimate aim of a global elite who are scamming the general public through the trickery of politics, religion, and mass media. The case for global depopulation is twofold: it claims, first, that the habitat of the human species is endangered by the presence of that species, and, second, that the earth can only be saved by a genocidal program implemented by a controlling elite who then inherit the earth for themselves.

Note that the core of this presumed scenario is the belief that a "chosen few" will inherit the earth after a holocaust of their making decimates most of the populace. These two factors, the chosen race and the ethnic cleansing of the entire human race, are parts of the Palestinian redeemer complex defined in the first chapter of my book, Not in His Image:

The redeemer complex has four components: creation of the world by a father god independent of a female counterpart; the trial and testing (conceived as a historical drama) of the righteous few or “Chosen People”; the mission of the creator god’s son (the messiah) to save the world; and the final, apocalyptic judgment delivered by father and son upon humanity.

If there is any truth in the expose of the global eugenics program framed in the Codex Alimentarius, then we are looking at an openly stated geopolitical agenda that reflects the redeemer complex, and intends to implement it. If this is so, might we also expect the other two components of the redeemer complex, the absolute authority of the father god and the appearance of his emissary, the messiah, to be implicit to the same agenda, if not openly stated? In other words, do we see in the Codex a partial expression of the redeemer complex with emphasis on the genocidal imperative of the chosen people who choose to eliminate almost 90 percent of the world population so that they can survive in a "New Jerusalem"? Will these same people complete their program and bring a messiah to the world stage, thus establishing the rule of the off-planet father god as the standard of global domination?

It is no secret that the global eugenics program is the brainchild of people who in some manner or other embrace the totalitarian authority of a father god and most likely expect a messiah, even though they tend to be extremely cautious on this final point. I am convinced that the Codex objectives for global food control and suppression of access to natural herbs, not to mention psychoactive plants, now proceeds hand in glove with a mind control scam intended to foist a messiah on the world and establish a one world religion. I would also argue that the date of 2012 may have been designated as the moment to pull off this scam through a complex mind control game that will make the 911 scheme look as primitive as the plot of a Mickey Mouse cartoon.

As the goals of the "New World Order" become clear, depopulation comes more and more to the top of the agenda. This objective is nothing but a geopolitical formulation of the chosen race or master race ideology, the ideology held in common by the archaic Judaism of the Tzaddik cult of righteousness and the Nazis. With the Codex Alimentarius we may be seeing the proponents of master race ideology playing out their final hand. Indeed, the endgame, as Alex Jones calls it.

The Global Psychosis

I have written extensively on this site and in Not in His Image about the Tzaddik cult of righteousness, the germ of salvationist religion, but for one exception I have not applied my analysis of that viral ideology to current events. Now is the moment to do so.

First, I want to emphasize that exposés of orchestration in the collective sphere or global scene, although they may serve the valid purpose of alerting some of the general population to real and present danger for us all, also carry a troublesome side-effect: they foster a sense of enmeshment in a complex web of actions that cannot be counteracted in any direct or immediate way except by finger-pointing. And finger-pointing, I strongly suggest, can devolve into a futile exercise unless it is followed up by concrete action. But it rarely is, for the programs and objectives currently being exposed cannot be directly and effectively countered by a single individual, or even by the concerted effort of a group. Also, in the time it takes to organize the opposition and act, the perpetrators are on to a new game. They prevail by thinking four or five steps ahead of the opposition.

To expose perpetrators who act against society is one thing, to defeat them is quite another. In one respect, the belief in orchestration against humanity by a select few, if they do indeed exist, enforces the power attributed to that few. Yet it would be a grave mistake to dismiss or ignore such orchestration out of hand, or to pretend that such power does not in reality play some role in what is wrong with human society.

The trick is, how to counteract and defeat the orchestration of deceiving control without becoming infected by the paranoid and psychotic mind-state that produces such orchestration.

Personally, I am not on the front lines of such exposure, and I am not involved (so far) in any specific practices aimed to counteract and defeat it (although I can imagine such practices). Those who expose and oppose the global control agenda are called info-warriors because so much of their struggle depends on information and disinformation... For my part, I wonder how these info-warriors avoid contamination by the forces they are pitted against. Clearly, some of them do not manage that challenge so well: the Net and alternative media are swamped with the views of people who have been made psychotic by their opposition to the global psychosis, if I might call it that.

I don't think I have to elaborate on this point to get it across. Various examples of psychic contamination come to mind. In fact, the exposing of a conspiracy easily becomes a conspiratorial exercise in its own right. Doing so, it loses much of its power for truth and liberation... On the other hand, I know some brilliant, good-hearted people who simply refuse to engage in looking at the global psychosis on the grounds that attention merely feeds the illness. I cannot wholly accept this attitude of disengagement, although I understand it and in some respects sympathize with it. But I have to ask, Is there a way to disown oneself from the global psychosis without disowning humanity? We all have a part in the global psychosis because it is a generic syndrome of human nature driven into a vtoxic state by insane beliefs. Such is my analysis, anyway. Up to the present moment.

In this respect, here for the first time I want to propose what I think is necessary, and indeed, absolutely essential, for standing against the global psychosis without becoming contaminated by it psychically and emotionally. I propose that

To defeat the myth that directs and supports the orchestration of controlling deceit requires a countermyth equal to the challenge. And there is one countermyth that has the right elements and the required structure to insure, not merely opposition to the global psychosis, but its real and effective defeat.

A Countermyth

To return to my initial point: watching The Esoteric Agenda, I was alarmed by an assertion in the voiceover, to this effect, Pagans were people who revered and worshipped the earth, so the appeal to save the earth by a genocidal plan of depopulation reflects a throwback to Pagan views. This is utter nonense, a grossly erroneous and misleading statement. The opening commentary of The Esoteric Agenda sounds as if it comes from a high school student pronouncing some sillym superficial views on ancient culture. It is sophomoric, dangerously naive, and deeply uninformed. From the outset, this documentary declares that the global eugenics program framed in the CA is an expression of the survival or revival of Pagan practices and values. Nothing could be further from the truth. I emphasize:

There is nothing in the global control agenda, and especially in the alleged eugenics program, that reflects or incorporates the true perspective of Pagan and Indigenous views of life on this planet. Absolutely nothing.

Since my initial reaction to that remark in The Esoteric Agenda, I have noticed that a Gaian, "green," or earth-friendly rationale is being invoked, more and more often, in support of scams that favor the aims of a controlling elite who have only their own profit and privilege in mind. In other words, the name of Gaia is evoked to foster and propagate the objectives of the global psychosis. For a case in point, take the global warming controversy recently on the agenda in Copenhagen. There is a lot of evidence for the argument that human activity is not the principle or driving cause of global warming, but even if it were, to make out humanity as the enemy of the environment on that account is a perverse tactic of the psychosis. Global warming is being used to introduce a carbon tax scheme that will ruin the economy and force the world into a single monetary control system. This deception now draws freely pupon a Gaian or green appeal to "save the earth."

In the Gnostic perspective of this site, Sophia, the embodied wisdom of the planet, is the savior of humanity, not vice versa. Bonding in rapture and wisdom to the earth saves us, and nothing else. Such is the core belief of the planetary vision proposed on this site.

It is totally perverse to cite green politics in support of mandated depopulation, i.e., mass murder using food as a weapon. More perverse still would be to cite the Gaian/Sophianic perspective of this site as a version of Pagan revivalism that favors depopulation and global eugenics, or any other aspects of the global control agenda. No one has done so yet, but I expect that such a reference might arise sooner or later. I object in advance to such an association between metahistory.org and the globalist agenda. There is no association whatsoever between the planetary vision derived from the Sophianic Mysteries and the goals of the self-serving elite who are acting out the global psychosis. In reality, the sacred narrative of Gaia-Sophia is a countermyth to the salvationist plot that inspires and drives the psychosis. The planetary goddess mystique is a healing antidote to the god-complex of the global command corps.

I challenge anyone who argues that the Pagan/Indigenous view of life on earth serves global deception and domination to investigate the Gaian vision developed on this site before condemining it in those terms. The sad, glaring oversight of those info-warriors who are doing a terrific job of exposing the global 3-D agenda (deception-division-domination) is this: they have no knowledge of a countermyth able to defeat the myth behind the global psychosis. But adopting the countermyth is not merely an intellectual stance, nor is it a matter of blind belief. The myth has no effect without an erotic and rapturous bond to the living earth whose story it presents and preserves: the sacred narrative of Gaia-Sophia, the lodestone of planetary vision.

Referring to Rockefeller's argument, noted above, I would offer this clarification: To invoke the cause of a greener, more environmentally friendly world as a reason to reduce population is probably reasonable. I, too, believe that social life would be improved with less people on the planet—but, please note, not because the earth cannot support the current population, for I believe it could given the right and fair management of resources and intelligent social cooperation, but because breeding happens for the wrong reasons and continues unabated, without conscience or foresight. I object to unlimited procreation of our species, as did Gnostics who condemned human breeding habits as ignorant, joyless, and irresponsible. Those ancient seers and guardians of the Mysteries were dedicated to fostering the genius of our species through education, vocational training, and visionary practices aligned to the living earth. In that role, they opposed the breeding of future generations merely to serve the existing one. In short, they objected to human use of progeny as a means to an end. Sadly, this is just how it goes with almost all breeding in the human population. But no solution to this problem can be achieved through eugenics programming or a geopolitical mandate, only through individual accountability.

Ironically, the paternal deity who commands our species to breed and swarm over the earth like lice also has a master plan to wipe out the vast majority of humankind for nor abiding by his rules. The twisted scenario that encourages humans to breed without restraint in anticipation of a final cull, belongs to the toxic core of the global psychosis. Whoever buys into that Biblical imperative is accessory to the "final solution" of the psychosis.

There are good reasons to practice birth control and limit reproduction, but this is a far cry from reducing the existing population. To confuse the two issues is a dangerous slur that gives huge advantage to the global eugenics scam. When Rockefeller and others discuss this proposal, they perpetuate the slur so that their genocidal imperative is somewhat disguised, one issue being nested in the other. Those who are caught in the terminal stage of the global psychosis are bent on reducing the existing population, i.e., mass murder, not on following a more rigorous and conscientious course to limit breeding and hold human reproduction to reasonable and sustainable levels. These two viewpoints cannot be confounded.

Deeper Ecology

Info-warriors such as Alex Jones and Alan Watt present, in some but not all respects, a convincing expose of the globalist agenda, but they may be handicapped by serious oversight regarding the essentiality of the goddess connection in human experience. As far as I can see, no one who is exposing the games of the global elite has made the goddess connection or shows any inkling of knowing about the Sophianic vision of the earth. This is not merely a theoretical or metaphysical shortcoming, however. It goes much deeper into the roots of human identity, and negatively hampers innate capacities for compassion and empathy. The goddess connection has one prevailing mark or moral signature: egoless and rapturous bonding with the earth, irrespective of human purposes. The empathic bond with the goddess embodied in this beautiful planet depends in great measure on knowing and loving her story. If you love someone, you honor their life-story and enshrine it in your heart. The same holds true for the story of Gaia-Sophia, the sacred narrative of the Mysteries which I have restored and presented on this site.

I am convinced that info-warriors are handicapped in another way as well, and perhaps deeply compromised in their opposition to global scheming: their own belief-systems regarding the Divine may be working against them. The goddess connection is an intimate relationship to the Divine Feminine, lived right here on earth. With this connection, there is no need for a paternal deity or Creator beyond this world. Lately I have noticed a disturbing trend in the discourse and disclosures of info-warriors such as Jones. Some of the best work in exposing the New World Order (the global psychosis, as I prefer to call it) comes from people entrenched in the belief-system of Biblical Christianity, one way or another. They hold to traditional faith, invoke the father god, cite the Bible, and may even regard Jesus as a genuine historical figure and the sole true messiah. But that is pure folly, for such beliefs will defeat them through the very forces they are opposing. Speaking as a comparative mythologist and student of the history of religions, here is my insight on the dilemma facing such believers:

Holding the belief-system of salvationism (based on the four points of the Palestinian redeemer complex) does not prevent info-warriors from doing an excellent job of exposing the New World Order, but it will almost certainly prevent them from defeating it because in salvationism they embrace the very beliefs that inspire and drive the system they are opposing.

Known proponents of the New World Order such as Rockefeller and Kissinger —terminal victims of the global psychosis, as I would put it—skillfully use the redeemer complex and salvationist myth to further their aims, whether they believe in those dogmas, or not. This being so, they will certainly include the miraculous advent of a messiah in their endgame scenario. Count on it. One world religion is on the agenda with a one world government and a one world economy, but the push for religious unanimity— that would be, in my humble view, a global delusional system or mass psychosis as defined by Wilhelm Reich—will come with the endgame move, believe it or not. One strength of the countermyth of Gaia-Sophia is that it totally refutes and rejects any messiah or savior and renders such a fiction unnecessary. In my view, no messiah is, has ever been, or ever will be good for the human species.

The messiah-complex is the unique toxic factor operating in human imagination, the kernel of a religious ideology that can only lead to self-destruction for our species.

Gnostics in the Pagan Mysteries taught a planetary vision of the earth goddess, a story of the wisdom embodied in the planet. At the same time, they frontally opposed messianic ideology and the entire program of salvationist faith. Info-warriors might benefit from a primary precept of metahistory: a myth is a directive script encoded with beliefs. The power of a myth to inspire and direct human behavior is due, in part, to the appeal of the story expressed in the myth, but more so to the beliefs encoded in the story. It appears to me that some info-warriors, although they are valiant opponents of the New World Order, embrace the same myth that drives the world toward that totalitarian system. Their ignorance in this respect put them an a blind collusion whose outcome is likely to be an orchestrated disaster of untold proportions.

Metahistory invites participation in the myth of the planetary goddess Sophia. No one can be converted to this myth: participation is a voluntary act based on direct and intimate bonding with the earth. At the same time, metahistory advises that we take a critical view of the received myths of divine paternalism, the messiah, the chosen race, and salvation: that is, the operative factors of global psychosis that are diametrically opposed to the healing and enlightening power of Sophianic myth. A rapturous bond to the earth cannot co-exist with beliefs in divine paternalism and faith in the off-planet creator who will judge the world and vindicate the righteous. Faith in the wisdom embodied in the earth provides the basis for faith in the true potential of the human species to create a harmonious society that fits into its habitat.

Saving the earth is not a valid concept in the modern upscaling of the Sophianic vision of the Mysteries proposed on this site. To claim that humanity can or must save the planet is the delusional arrogance of people suffering from the global psychosis, including New Age visionaries who endorse that claim.

Not all Gaian perspectives are identical, or cut from the same cloth. I respect James Lovelock, co-originator of the Gaia Hypothesis, for his scientific views on the ecosystem, but I disagree strongly with the perspective he proposes in The Revenge of Gaia. The Gaian dimension of metahistory.org is founded on the Sophianic myth of the Mysteries, closely correlated to Indigenous wisdom and leading edge science, including complexity theory, astrophysics, epigenetics, and more... To my knowledge, the Sophianic element offers a unique perspective on Gaia. It does not merely assert in some vague mystical way that the earth is a conscious, animated organism, it proposes a vision-story and suggests some tangible approaches to deepening empathy with the earth. Planetary Tantra, an independent site within the main site, even goes so far as to outline practices of "interactive magic" with Gaia.

Some info-warriors who expose the New World Order now detect in green politics the pretext for yet more global scamming. Their insight into cynical cooptation of concern for the environment is correct and laudable. But the Sophianic views on this site do not fit the planet-friendly profile they condemn. The Gaian perspective of metahistory.org is close kin to deep ecology and takes it deeper. Environmental concern to save the planet reflects the desparate need for humans to save their own asses: nature exists in order to provide for us, so we must take case of nature, the rationale goes. This is the thinking of shallow ecology. In deep ecology, nature exists to be respected and revered in its own right, regardless of how it supports human life. This deeper sense of respect fosters an understanding of how we might really fit into the natural world, not merely because it serves our survival to adapt to nature. The Gaian perspective on this site cannot fairly and accurately be cited to endorse shallow ecological survivalist views, even less so to support the eugenics depopulation program, if such exists.

Sophianic myth is a story encoded with testable beliefs about our proper place in nature. The myth is frame a great experiment of human potential. It is the narrative platform of a faith to be realized in rapturous bonding with nature and expressed through acts of imagination nurtured by the life-source itself, the living earth.

Knowledge of that which is alive can alone banish terror.
Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm

jll 16 December 2009 Andalucia

Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.