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Mythbusting 101: How to Defy and Defeat the Paternal Lie

13 Lessons in Parallel History

1. Grail Magic Versus the Paternal Lie
With Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach: A Synopsis

2. The Destiny of the Swan Knight

3. Three Currents from the Grail

4. The Radiant Wisdom Stone

5. The Most Enigmatic of All Enigmas

6. Spiritual Warriors of the Grail

7. Sacred Love, Sacred Light (JUNE 6, 2006)

8, Faith Incarnate

9, The Tale of the Magic Garland

10, The Bleeding Lance

11 - 13, suppressed

NOTE (February 2007): Upon reflection, I think it would be fitting to resume this series and complete the 13 lessons, but not in the manner I originally conceived. My intention now will be to describe the survival of remnants of Mystery knowledge—in particular, instruction by the Light and communion with the Wisdom Goddess, Sophia—after 1250 CE. Here is a tentative sketch of how the material will develop:

Ch. 11 The Mythogenetic Moment. Monsegur, the brutal clampdown on the surviving members of the Mysteries by Innocent III. The Avignon Papacy and the schism within the Church. The situation facing those who inherited Mystery knowledge at the dawn of the Renaissance.

Ch. 12. Hermetics Versus Illuminati. Contrast of Hermetics and Gnosis regarding the Demiurge. The recovery of classical learning and, with it, some elements of initiatory knowledge. Pico de Mirandola´s formula for humanism, the failings of humanism. Secret societies, the Bohemian brotherhood, the Rosicrucian Manifestos of 1620 etc. The Bavarian Illuminati, 1776. Occultism versus genuine Sophianic mysticism.

Ch. 13 The Russian Complex. How Mystery knowledge from Europe migrated into Russia in the 18th Century. The Trubetskoi family. The Russian mystical profile: Fedorov, Soloviev, Berdayev, and the Symbolist movement. Destruction of the mystical elements of Gnosis during the Revolution. The occult roots of the Russian Revolution.The survival of Sophianic teachings in the new atmospheric sciences with Merzekovsky, Vernadsky and others, leading to Gaia theory today.

In anticipation of the new direction, lesson 10, The Bleeding Lance, has been shortened and revised.

jll, 8 February 2007 Andalucia


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.