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mythophrenia, noun: the condition, often attended by manic emotion and fugue states, of living simultaneously in actual and imagined realms so that the two mingle and merge in ways that can inspire brilliant realizations of truth, but equally so, induce perplexity in common-sense reality and imbalance of single-self identity.

mythophrenic: noun, someone who experiences such a condition; example, "Philip K. Dick was a tireless mythophrenic." Adjective, exhibiting the conditions of mythophrenia; example, "The novels of Herman Hesse display a strong mythophrenic flair."

This page introduces a portal on metahistory.org for accessing texts and talks released by John Lamb Lash from October 2016 onward, after having been off the airwaves for one complete year. Consider all forthcoming talks as components of a "command performance": a special demonstration of virtuoso talent in music, dance, song, etc, given at the request of a high eminence. In the jargon of shamanism, such a command performance would be called "the sorcerer's last dance": that is, the open and public demonstration of the magical power of the Supernatural. In Gnostic terms, this event is the revelation of the Nagual of the Wisdom Goddess within the mindset of the mundane, ordinary world. Nuance: Within the mindset of that world, but not evident to everyone of that mindset.

For some introductory remarks on how this performance is to be arranged, read on here: I have suggested the term mythophrenic for someone who lives....


Continuity advised. For the benefit of those who might wish to review the talks uploaded a year ago in 2015 here is a list with links:

13 July: Reading of A Sheaf of Cut Wheat with commentary

16 July: The Tragedy of the Mother

23 July: The Parable of the Extras

24 July: Out of Time

31 August: Scratching the V V ITCH

30 September: The Sovereign Moment - withdrawn


"Clear detection of the presence of the Supernatural is the key to human sanity."

- GNE briefing #47 February 2013

October 1, 2016

I return to posting T & T (text and talk) on the Internet after an absence of one year and one day.

Ambika deals me the Ten of Diamonds.

Ambika, thou art the dreaming power of Eternity,
The seed spiral wrapping of the Universe,
And the supreme apparition of Maya.
All the universe is bewitched by thee,
But thou, when it pleases you, are also the cause of our liberation.

- Hymns to Kali, 11th Mahatmya of Chandi

The Sovereign Moment Revisited

NOTE: This is an indispensible orientation talk that sets out in explicit terms the divine intervention unfolding on the planet, how it works, and how you can be involved in it.

Correction: The Sovereign Moment was signalled by the convergence of jupiter in the LION with the north node of the moon, not the south node.


SOPHIA/LUCIFER - set of three, left

1 The True Lucifer is Sophia (SophiaLucifer1.php)

TALK (SophiaLucifer.mp3)

2 *The Satanic Distortion (SophiaLucifer2.php)

TALK on the Satanic hero


3 Lucifer Liberated (SophiaLucifer3.php)

TALK (LuciferLiberated.mp3)

Sophia/Lucifer Portal


GREAT DECEPTION - set of three, right

4 Human Evil and Supernatural Power (GreatDeception1.php)

TALK (GreatDeception1.mp3)

5 Handling Supernatural Power (GreatDeception2.php)

TALK (GreatDeception2comment1.mp3)

6 Love and the Supernatural (GreatDeception3.php)

TALK (GreatDeception3.mp3)


Set of four, central

7 *Wicked Wit (WickedFun.php)

TALK: Comic Relief in Sophia's Correction

8 *Her Name is Silence (NameSilence.php)

9 *Director's Cut (DirectorsCut.php)

10 The Maitreya Process (MaitreyaProcess.php)

Reading of The Maitreya Process

* Indicates talks to be added

November 20, 2016. The first installment of "Gnostic Sallies" was the last talk I recorded in the presence of Nikita, the 28-coil Naga Cat who guided and comforted me for seven years.

Nikita listening to JLL record a GNE briefing

Gnostic Sallies (intro notes: landing page)

#1: Accessing the Mind of the Planet


January 9

"Innocence Reloaded" Gnostic Sabotage in progress

TEXT (gnosticsabotageprogress.php)

TALK: #7 reloaded (GnosticSabotage 7 V2.mp3)

January 25 (T & T no category)

Some Comments on DMT and Ayahausca - The Perspective of a Gaian Nagual


* The Superlearning Event *

GUIDELINES for Mandela Effect Decoded

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Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.