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where imagination gets tread

noun: the condition, often attended by manic emotion and fugue states, of living simultaneously in actual and imagined realms so that the two mingle and merge in ways that can inspire brilliant realizations of truth, but equally so, induce perplexity in common-sense reality and imbalance of single-self identity.

mythophrenic: noun, someone who experiences such a condition; example, "Philip K. Dick was a tireless mythophrenic." Adjective, exhibiting the conditions of mythophrenia; example, "The novels of Herman Hesse display a strong mythophrenic flair."

This page introduces a portal on metahistory.org for accessing texts and talks released by John Lamb Lash from October 2016 onward, after having been off the airwaves for one complete year. Consider all forthcoming talks as parts of a "command performance": a special demonstration of virtuoso talent in music, dance, song, etc, given at the request of a high eminence. In the jargon of shamanism, such a command performance would be called "the sorcerer's last dance": that is, the open and public demonstration of the magical power of the Supernatural. In Gnostic terms, the revelation of the Nagual of the Wisdom Goddess to the mindset of the mundane, ordinary world.

All talks and texts going forward will be announced through the gaiaspora.org mailing list, John Lamb Lash FB, YT channels set up for JLL, Kalikalika livejournal, and other outlets in the network of contemporary gnostic intel. The links below are constantly developing as text and talk are added. The more recent material accumulates chronologically down the file toward the bottom of the page.

For the benefit of those who might wish to review the talks uploaded a year ago in 2015 here is a list with links:

13 July: Reading of A Sheaf of Cut Wheat with commentary

16 July: The Tragedy of the Mother

23 July: The Parable of the Extras

24 July: Out of Time

31 August: Scratching the V V ITCH

30 September: The Sovereign Moment - withdrawn


"Clear detection of the presence of the Supernatural is the key to human sanity!"

GNE briefing #47, February 2013 JLL

2 0 1 6

October 1 - 6

The Sovereign Moment Revisited

Correction: The Sovereign Moment was signalled by the convergence of jupiter in the LION with the north node of the moon, not the south node.

*The True Lucifer is Sophia: Text - Talk

*The Satanic Distortion: Text

*Lucifer Liberated: Talk - Text

Note: The Sophia/Lucifer material* has its own portal page.


October 24, 2016

Is Pepe the Frog a Witch's Familiar?

- essay on redice


In development

Decoding the Mandela Effect (in Telestics):

1 Breakdown

2 Analysis

3 The Encoded Sets

4 Conclusions

5 Confirmations

October 9

Interview with Lisa Harrison on Divine Intervention and the Mandela Effect


Three Talks with Text, Images, and Notes

October 14

Part One: Human Evil and Supernatural Power. - Notes

October 21

Part Two: Handling Supernatural Power - Text

December - in development

Part Three: Love and the Supernatural - Text


October 13

Her Name is Silence - Divine Intervention as an Event of Novelty

October 29

The Maitreya Process (introduction) - TALK

November 3

Director's Cut: Editing the World Movie

This essay is the follow-up and complement to Her Name is Silence.

November 10

Wicked Fun: Comedic Timing in Sophia's Correction

November 12:

Interview on redice creations

Interview notes, links, references

November 20

Under Gnostic Sallies (intro notes) in telestics/

#1: Accessing the Mind of the Planet


December 4

New Talk/Text in development

This material can be considered in parallel with the deconstruction of Satanism in the Great Deception 2, Navigator Briefing #98 (30 December 2013) on the Archontic Satanic Narrative , and the developing content on Gnostic Sabotage.


January 9: Gnostic Sabotage in progress -

"Innocence Reloaded"

Special Effects of the Pagan Apocalypse



Mandela Effect: Entrance Exam


Explanatory Note:

I have suggested the term mythophrenic for someone who lives in the mix and merge of the actual and the imagined, and may take the imagined as being the more real of the two, holding a higher value relative to truth. I contend that mythophrenia is not necessarily a mental disorder but a liminal state normal to human animals. Supernatural forces push the mythophrenic one way or the other, inducing destabilization, grandiosity, or madness. People who can't handle this condition become schizophrenics, paranoids, "borderline personalities" or otherwise unstable specimens. Those who handle it well become notable artists, writers, and visionaries, Some mythophrenics handle it for a while and then crack up. -- A Planetary Terma

Example: Antonin Artaud

"My heart is what isn't my ego... To love the ego is to love death, but the law of the Virgin is infinite." Revolt Against Poetry

"The Fantastic is of a noble quality, its disorder is only apparent, it really obeys an order that is fashioned mysteriously and on a level which normal consciousness does not reach but which Magic allows us to reach, and which is the very mystery of all poetry." The Peyote Rite Among the Tarahumara Indians

By "Fantastic" Artaud means the Supernatural, the Nagual, the matrix of divine imagination, contrasted to human imagination. Human survival depends on knowing the difference. All productions of human imagination are deviant unless they are framed in the sacred narrative, the Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS). ALL.

More on Artaud, notable mythophrenics, fugue states, and the Mandela Effect, and the Maitreya, the World Teacher -- in development.

jll - October... 2016


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2017 by John Lash.