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Basic Reading in Metahistory

So far there exists no single book dedicated to metahistory as proposed on this site, for the theory and practice of this new discipline are novel, in development. However, there do exist some bookks of outstanding relevance to the genre, books that present clear approaches to the scope and method of metahistorical inquiry. These basic reference texts fall into three categories:

    Fourteen books proposed as suggested essential reading for general orientation to the dialogue proposed in this site. These books are helpful for the way they outline and assess a wide range of beliefs that determine human behavior in social, scientific and religious contexts.

    Suggested reading specific to the five master Themes of metahistory. There are three books for each theme, making a total of fifteen.

    The Seven Classics present the foundational ideas in the background of Metahistory. Because of their importance in setting the stage of Metahistory in the form presented in this site, these books are listed chronologically and reviewed in depth.

This makes a total of 36 books. Not all the books recommended are still in print, but they can to be found through Amazon.com and related resources in the Internet book market.


One-click access to each book in complete list of selected reading.

Metahistory.org also includes a bibliography in three sections:

A - G, H - O, P - Z

The bibliography is incomplete and would need to be supplemented by a selection of books from my personal reseach library, which is currently on offer. The sole request that I would make of anyone who wants to take charge of this library is the commitment to file the books, library-style. A select portion of the completed file could then be added to this bibliography.

READING PLAN for the Nag Hammadi Library

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