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This section of the site presents writings on stellar astrology and the two zodiacs, plus other articles relating to sidereal mythology, precession, etc. Some of the material in this category cross-references with writings on the 2012 Shift.


Dakini Instruction
Lunar Calendar Lessons for Planetary Tantra

Orientation: Cruising the Lunar Shaktis

Constellation of the Fishes (Pisces), showing precision timing by composite stars. © John Lash 1983

Quest for the Zodiac (introduction page)

INDEX to related essays:

Shaman in the Sky: The Evolutionary Message of the Solar Apex. Considers the significance of the constellation of Hercules, location of the Solar Apex, in relation to the role of sacred plants in human evolution.

Hercules and Serpentarius shows graphically the connection between these two massive figures, shamanic heroes of ancient legend.

A Primer of Stellar Astrology

Introducing the Real-Sky Zodiac and StarBase

Ch. 1: In the Dark of Night
Ch. 2: Astrology Without Stars
Ch.3: Visions on the Rimsite
Ch. 4 Cycles of Animations


"Dendera Decoded"

Unpublished MS by John Lash, interpreting the entire sequence of the World Ages in Dendera Zodiac, revealing John's discovery of a fifth axis pointing to the galactic center. To be published sequentially in the coming months.

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