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redice interview November 2016

Notes and Links

V V : wild Canadian geese reflected in a lake

November 12, 2016 INTERVIEW on redice creations

NOTES for the interview (in further development!)

POST-INTERVIEW NOTE: We omitted 9/11 in the issues for the unified front! I recall it was in the original notes we exchanged but slipped off the screen at some point. What a collosal omission! Well, it goes to show the enormity of this undertaking which was pretty collosal on its own terms. Stepping back to take a comprehensive view and prioritize the leading issues for truthkeepers and truthseekers alike is a formidable task. All in all, I'd say we did pretty well. JLL

Aryan Defense League Manifesto

Not in His Image

Talks on Not in His Image on futureprimitive (available on many YT channels)

Books by JLL

LINKS to references and related topics:

metahistory.org : Heresy and Higher Education

Metahistory.org is a teaching site with two aims: examine belief-systems and invite participation
in a story to guide the species.
* * * * *
It is also the exclusive source on the Internet for the inception of Planetary Tantra, an experimental path of interactive magic with Gaia.

Kalika War Party

Parable of the Wolves (KWP): trophic cascade

ultrakulture: 9 loves of the Anthropos

The Gaian Navigation Experiment : gaiaspora.org


Current Zaddikite hype on the daily zohar

FGS: The Fallen Goddess Scenario

A Planetary Myth from the Mysteries

Origins of the Gnostic Movement

Full description of the FGS: Lisa Harrison interview

Planetary Tantra introduction

Parzival - The Grail Legend


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