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What is the Terma of Gaia Awakening?

The Terma of Gaia Awakening in Practice


Cording: A Gaian Tantric Rite

Author cording at Jeanne's yantra, Andalucia

Cording is the ritual art of weaving chaotic geometrical forms into the low-lying branches of trees. The cords used are wool, cotton, silk, and alpaca. The act of cording is usually performed in visionary trance, a state of no mind in which the cording does itself. In Planetary Tantra, cordings are done as intentional rites of interactive magic with Gaia.

Another view of Jeanne's yantra

Detail of Jeanne's cording, wound 13 times

Another view of Jeanne's yantra, performed August 2008
as an intentional rite of tantric sexual magic

In the mindless action of cording, precise unpredictible detail happens. The more pleasure felt, the more exquisite the design that emerges. The mark of a cording performed correctly is effortlessness, without planning or effort at any moment. As a rite of intentional magic, the cording works because it is void of conceptual organization or planning. A tree yantra is purpose chaotically structured in emptiness, left to the sky and wind. The intention configured in a tree yantra is effectuated by the entire atmosphere of the earth.





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