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2 0 1 2 : The Planetary S H I F T

Essays on Kali Yuga and the Maya Endtime


1, Countdown to 2012
2, The Discovery of the Next World
3, The Party of Xolotl
4, Stars on the Endtime Horizon
5, Aquarian Waves
6, Sophia Unveiled
7, The Tablet of Destiny
8, Beneath the Gaze of the Goatfish
9, Afterword: The Cipher of Ollin


This new button on the site presents my writings on the Maya endtime in 2012 as well as a parallel section on Creative Mythology.

Stats for metahistory.org show that these writings on 2012 attract a lot of traffic. The topic is hot, of course, and it seems that I present some unusual points not to be found elsewhere. For one thing, I use naked-eye sky-lore to develop the mythological frame for the Endtime. I also emphasize the Aztec factor ("black magic," the curse of the Toltecs) rather than the usual Mayan themes. It looks like my profile of the five Endtime Tribes has struck a chord.

I invite readers to continue to read, peruse, and discuss these articles. Questions and comments may be sent to me directly. regards, JLL




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