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Quest for the Zodiac

Introducing "StarBase™"

Totally unsuspected by the world at large, astrologers use a model that ignores the visible stars. Even most astrologers do not know this to be so. This means there is a lost, star-based zodiac behind the well-known circle of twelve sun signs. Astrology is not wrong on its own terms, but it is wrongly defined as "the language of the stars." ..

Quest for the Zodiac corrects this bias and recovers the real-sky environment observed by the ancients. The mythic images of the constellations, not the signs, reveal a new perspective on human destiny, linking genetics to the far-distant patterns of the stars. Here is the breakthrough that introduces a cosmic language for the 21st century. StarBase unites the untold past of astrology to its immanent future.

"The aim of this book is not to convert anyone to astrology. The aim is to convert astrology itself."

Quest for the Zodiac breaks and remakes the 2000-year-old paradigm of the cosmos as a mirror of the psyche. It introduces the concept of phylogenetic transfer, registered in the "endowment" of the birth moment. John Lash, a specialist in sidereal mythology, totally revolutionizes the genre of astrology. He proposes a method for detecting the genius in each of us, our inheritence from humanity as a whole, rather than from familial, blood-linked ancestors. Quest for the Zodiac combines poetry, genetics, astronomy, mythology and transpersonal insight into a daring vision of how we each have a share in the fate of the human species itself.




Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.