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A Primer of Stellar Astrology

Introducing the Real-Sky Zodiac and StarBase


This primer will illustrate and explain some terms and concepts from my talks on futureprimitive.org, "Destiny in the Stars". JLL


Chapter 4: Cycles of Animations


In short, when the grand moment came, I was overloaded with questions, dizzy with mythical associations, and more or less mystified by the step I was about to take. The first thing I did was polish off my model of the zodiac in the round, the Rimsite -- so called because it shows how the constellations look graphically sighted along the rim of the ecliptic.

Primer 3 - ILLUSTRATION 1 The Rimsite Model

Here are the thirteen ecliptic constellations in graphic form, starting with the Fishes are the 9 0'clock position and going around counterclockwise. These images correspond precisely to the locations of the composite stars, and match the extent and relative proportioons of the visible star patterns. The dark lines show the boundaries of the Milky Way. The calibrated circle is ecliptic scale.

Primer 3 - ILLUSTRATION 2 Spring Quadrant

For a closer look, and better detail, we can examine the constellational graphics of the Rimsite by quadrants. the VP is the vernal point, March 21, the first degree on the ecliptic scale. In our era the VP stand below the tailfin of the western Fish, the one that swims along the ecliptic in the direction of the Watercarrier (that is, into the future). Any planet located in 1 degree of Aries will project by line of sight into this celestial locale. The total extent of the Fishes is about 42 degrees of the ecliptic. One Fish that leaps up toward Andromeda, is "outbounding," extending noticably beyond the ecliptic zone (roughly 8 degrees on each side of the rim). In terms of the astrological signs, the Fishes occupy an extent from 19 Pisces to 30 Aries.

Next comes the Ram, a small composite situtated entirely above (north) the ecliptic rim. Extent: 23 degrees. Sign equivalent: 1 - 20 Taurus.

The Bull is a massive constellation centered on the eye-star, Aldebaran. It has long horns extending into the Milky Way, and the prominent open cluster of the Pleiades on its hump. Extent: 37 degrees. Sign equivalent: 24 Taurus - 30 Gemini.

Primer 3 - ILLUSTRATION 3 Summer Quadrant

Across the Milky Way are the Twins who dangle their legs in the galactic river. They are distinguished by the head stars, called Castor and Pollux. Extent: 24 degrees. Sign equivalent: 1 - 24 Cancer.

The region between the massive, electric hair of the Twins and the next constellation, the Crab, is not well-defined. The Crab itself is a dim, diminutive composite. It has one long pointed claw and another curved claw. Its shape is ambiguous, like a fog. Allen cites a poem that says: "and there a crab / Puts coldly out its gradual shadow-claws, / Like a slow blot that spreads..." This is a good physical description of what you observe. Extent: 16 degrees. Sign equivalent: 2 - 17 Leo.

Next come the majestic Lion, easy to identify. It seems to reach one paw playfully toward the sly, creepy crustacean. The brilliant heart-star, Regulus, stands right on the ecliptic. Extent: 37 degrees. Sign equivalent: 18 Leo - 23 Virgo. The Lion presents an unusual case that occurs just three times in the staller zodiac: a section of the sign Leo occupies the space of the Lion. If you are a Leo, born from July to 10 August, the sun will be in the Crab.But if you are a Leo born from 11 to 22 August, it will be in the Lion. However, constellation and sign to not correspond. It takes some explaining to make sense of this matter, and I will give it a try in a later lesson.

The summer quadrant closes with a glimpse of the head of the Virgin.

Primer 3 - ILLUSTRATION 4 Fall Quadrant

The figure of the Virgin is massive, covering 45 degrees of one eighth of the entire extent of the stellar zodiac. At present the sun stands right in her face on the day of the autumn equinox, September 22 (1 Libra, signs). The Virgin is kneeling! In her right hand she holds a cup (grail) marked by the star Vindemiatrix, "source of wine." In her left hand she holds a sheaf of wheat marked by the brilliant star, Spica (SPY-ka). Extent: 45 degrees. sign equivalent: 24 Virgo - Libra - 8 Scorpio.

There is a slight gap of about 5 degrees between the hem of the Virgin's robe (her knee just showing), and the composite of the Balance or Scales, the only human-made object in the stellar zodiac. Extent: 16 degrees. Sign equivalent : 14 - 29 Scorpio.

The massive diamantine composite of the Scorpion merges with the Balance. In former times, the two formed a single constellation. These colossal animations are interactive, as I explained in a previous chapter. The Scoprion appears to emerge from the Milky Way. Its brillaint heart-star, Antares, is right on the edge of the galactic river. Extent: 13 degrees (because most of its body is outbounding, dropping below the ecliptic zone). Sign equivalent: 30 Scorpio - 13 Sagittarius.

The sun takes thirteen days to transit the composite of the upper part of the Scorpion, then it passes into the Snaketamer. Extent: 18 degrees. Sign equivalent: 14 - 30 Sagittarius. The sight-line toward the galactic center stands at 27 Sagittarius, just above the sting of the Scorpion, close to the calf of the right leg of the Snaketamer.

Primer 3 - ILLUSTRATION 5 Winter Quadrant

The vertical line that between Scorpion and Archer is the winter solstice: December 21. The ecliptic rim crosses the upper part of the Archer, head and shoulders, but then the equine body drops below the ecliptic. Extent: 18 degrees. Sign equivalent: 2 - 19 Capricorn. There is a notable empty space of 13 degrees between the Archer and the next constellation, the Goatfish. those born between 9th and the 22 of January will have the sun in this empty space, a remarkable placement.

The Goatfish is a dim, wispy constellation that seems to float like a wind sock, hovering over the empty space. It has an ark on its back. Extent; 23 degrees. Sign equivalent: 3 - 25 Aquarius.

The Goatfish composite merges with the Waterbearer (my suggested name: Manitou or Mesotes), because the left arm of that figures points toward the Goatfish, extending out over it toward the treasure ark.The Manitou holds in his right hand an urn from which a stream of water is pouring. Extent: 23 degrees. Sign equivalent: 26 Aquarius - 18 Pisces.

The last of this sequence of thirteen constellations, well, the first: the Fishes. In graphic terms, this figure is interactive with the Manitou, because the western Fish appears to swim into the currents streaming from the urn he holds. The commencement of the "Aquarian Age," when the vernal point VP shifts into the composite of the Manitou, is difficult to determine, due to the overlapping of these composites. Extent: 42 degrees. Sign equivalent: 19 Pisces - 30 Aries-- and so we return to the Spring quadrant.







Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.