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Telestics 101

Surro-predation and Global Psychosis

Definition of telestics:

1 the study and application of aims, intentions, purposes. 2 the art of detecting and formulating aims or goals. 3 the practice of open source guidance or self-direction, based on a clear choice of goals framed in an abstract paradigm or a guiding narrative, a vision-story.

From Greek telos, "aim, purpose, goal." Related to the designation used among ancient seers and teachers in the Pagan Mysteries, the telestai, "those who are aimed."


THE SOLUTION to collective schizophrenia is the wake-up that happens, one person at a time but with increasing synergy among the awakened, when you begin to detect in any situation that the stated aim is not the actual aim. Global schizophrenia involves a lot of harmless madness and even some playfulness, invention and fabulation, but it has its dark side as well. The dark side of global schizophrenia is social evil, or the orchestration of social wrong-doing through the 3-D technique: deception-division-domination. What happens in the final phase of Kali Yuga is that a small part of the human race become fanatically obsessed in using their total madness to enslave the rest of the partially mad human race. They totally mad ones are the schizophrenics who go into paranoid psychosis or full-blown murderous insanity. They turn on the rest of the human species with intent to dominate or eliminate them.

Wilhelm Reich called the state of full-blown auto-destructive insanity that results when collective schizophrenia is pushed to its limit, massenpsychosen, mass psychosis. He saw it exemplified in the Inquisition, Nazi movement, and in Catholicism, sadistic religious fanaticism. In The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Reich observed that military and (so-called) mystical impulses can meld into the "armored behavior" of social violence. His observation is totally consistent with my analysis of the mystico-military insanity of the Zaddikim, the Jewish splinter cult of the Dead Sea, the germinal source of Christianity and the prototype of global terrorism.

Let's call those humans who orchestrate social evil and use the collective schizophrenia against humanity surro-predators. To surrogate means to act in the place of another, to substitute someone else for oneself. A surrogate stands in for someone else. The prefix surro- denotes "substitition." Usually, a surrogate volunteers to take the place of another, such as a surrogate mother. But in the exceptional case of the murderous insanity of the human species, the substitute is forced to be so. A surro-predator is someone who forces others, or contrives to force others, to be their prey while in reality the surro-predator is the true prey, the victim of madness, the animal taken down and destroyed by murderous insanity.

In the Gaian ecosystem there is something that used to be called, quaintly, "the balance of nature." In human reality, the balance of nature is lost due to collective schizophrenia. Among all other animals, the predator-prey relationship is balanced and even comprises a bond between the two parties. Cheetahs and gazelles are bound in the predator-prey dynamic that is fair and balanced for both species. Humanity is the only species that produces animals that prey on their own species. These animals are the surro-predators, so named because they force others to die for them, to be prey to the madness that preys on them. They perpetrate madness in orchestrated acts of private and social evil, acting against the common good and the interests of life itself.

The primary mark of surro-predators is simple: their stated aim is never their actual aim. They exploit the differential between soundtrack and events, the schizophrenic bandwidth. Telestics is the art of telling the difference between the stated aim and the actual aim. For instance, between the stated aim to protect you or caretake you, and the actual aim to control you and strip you of responsibility for yourself -- as happens both in private and public relationships. Surro-predators traffic in human misery using deceit, division, and domination. Unable to face their own madness, they inflict it on others, the surrogates of their insane and murderous tendencies.

Only the human species produces individual animals that prey on the mother species: surro-predators who discharge their self-destructive impulses by making others prey to those impulses. In the process of destroying themselves, they incur a lot of collateral damage. But these social predators can be detected and defeated by mastering the schizophrenia that turns others into their prey -- the same disease thats make them prey on their own kind.

The insane perpetrators of private and social evil or surro-predators are extremely clever. In fact, they have the advantage that madness has over sanity: it is devious and deceptive by nature, whereas sanity is open, honest, transparent. Were you to argue with a lucid mad person, you would have a hard time winning or even keeping up with the argument. One of their routine arguments is, you are conspiring to make up a story or theory about what we do, but it cannot stand against the "official story" about what we do, coming from us! Thus, they ridicule and dismiss conspiracy theories coming from people who are awakening from the schizophrenic state of fear-confusion, and insist on their version of events: the the soundtrack they impose does not fit the reality of what happens.

Official Story

The terrorist attacks of 911 were a master stroke of the surro-predators. In those events, the entire world witnessed things that did not at that moment, or afterwards, correspond to the story being told about them. The differential between soundtrack, the "official story" broadcast on mass mind radio band, and what people actually perceived and felt, was immense.

But notice also what happened from that moment on: while some people sunk deeper into collective schizophrenia, buried in the miasma of fear and confusion, others awoke to the realization of being caught in cognitive dissonance, and they began to investigate the events and the narrative provided to explain them.

911 nine years ago, not 2012 coming up, is the key moment of planetary awakening. With 911, the official story is the conspiracy theory. The differential between soundtrack and events is screamingly evident.

And notice what happened among the authorities (code name for surro-predators or their accomplices, dupes, and slaves): the authorities began to rigorously exhibit behavior that is easily detected in the practice of telestics, namely, they proceeded to declare and execute aims that were totally different from their actual aims. For instance, the stated aim to protect America against terrorists, the actual aim to turn American society into a police state and strip the citizens of their liberties and privacy.

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