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Telestics 101

Socratic Deconstruction of Social Reality
Practice with Visionary Intent
Sophia's Correction

Definition of telestics:

1 the study and application of aims, intentions, purposes. 2 the art of detecting and formulating aims or goals. 3 the practice of open source guidance or self-direction, based on a clear choice of goals framed in an abstract paradigm or a guiding narrative, a vision-story.

From Greek telos, "aim, purpose, goal." Related to the designation used among ancient seers and teachers in the Pagan Mysteries, the telestai, "those who are aimed."

Welcome to telestics, designed to introduce the (proposed) spoken channel of metahistory.org. Of course, the following text is written, and serves to introduce the basic principles and definitions of telestics, but the associated material on telestics, showing how to apply it, will (if it appears) be posted in mp3 files. This material will consist of 20 to 40 - minute talks on current topics such as globalist schemes of eugenics and governance ("New World Order"), the carbon tax scam, the global warming scam, the perversion of Gaia theory and the Goddess Mystique, MK Ultra mind control, Satanism, the Antichrist, the artificial apocalypse, and other devious matters, including critical talks on the exposure of these deceptions, explaining how some exposés (of the so-called Illuminati and the NWO, for instance) contribute to the deception and offer no solution, no alternative.

The stated aim of this new material, both written and oral, is to offer corrective, healing, and inspirational insight into human insanity. This is also the actual aim. Metahistory.org is a teaching site.

To introduce telestics, I will define a problem and propose a solution. I ask you to consider that if you understand this problem and its solution, you can find your way through any human situation or dilemma, you can solve any personal or historical issue or challenge, and you can even navigate safely through the labyrinth of madness.

Note: This essay prepares but does not present the three basic probe questions of telestics. To go directly to the essay that sets out those questions, click here.

Gaia's "Correction"

To learn and practice telestics is to use the self-corrective "fail-safe" of the human mind. (Fail-safe: a device or feature of a system that responds to failure of the sustem by securing it from harm.) Telestics is an extraordinary feature of human awareness, a super-fail-safe, because it not only prevents self-harm and delusion, but it self-corrects the individual mind and redirects it to a safe and sane course of action.

Gnostics taught that the human role in the transhuman designs of Sophia, the divinity embodied in the earth, was to assist her correction, Greek : diorthosis. I amend the accepted scholar's translation: orthosis means the right way to handle something, correct method. Derivation of the related term, orthodox:

L.L. orthodoxus, from Gk. orthodoxos "having the right opinion," from orthos "right, true, straight" + doxa "opinion, praise," from dokein "to seem,"

In the conventional sense, orthodox means "the generally assumed true and right view or course of action." But interestingly, ortho-dox contains the root verb dokein, "to seem, to appear," a key term in Gnostic analysis of reality. Gnostics considered certain phenomenon to be docetic, "seeming, but not actually so." For instance, to the extent that some gnostics admitted a Jesus/Christ figure (notably, the Valentinian school of Alexandria, a late syncertism), they insisted that he could not have been a flesh-and-blood person but only a hologram or phantom. They also considered the phenomenon of alien intrusion to be docetic, aa "special effect" of simulation (Coptic HAL) and manipulated perception (Greek anomia), rather than empirical, earthbound reality. What is orthodox is an assumed correct view of procedure based on the seeming (docetic) truth of interpretation (doxa), which may be put into question. Orthodoxy is always just a provisional view of what might be correct, or what might be the correct way to handle a situation.

Against the opinion of scholars, I translate diorthosis as "dual method, the prospect of two solutions." Gaia's correction has two solutions, one with and one without inclusion of human intent. These solutions are not mutually exclusive to the plnaetary animal mother. She can achieve both. She can proceed in her own designs totally without human participation, and also with some human participation—selective complicity of the human species, you could say.

In the lingo of complexity theory (formerly chaos theory or stochastics), a dual solution manifests in "chaotic bifurcation" of a process, like the place where a rushing river divides into two streams. However, this concept is not sophisticated enough for the Gaian prerogative. In chaotic bifurcation, the course of events takes one path or another. In diorthosis, Gaia-Sophia takes both. Her prerogative transcends either/or dualism as we understand it within the paradigm of complexity theory.

The extensive writing on the Sophianic vision of the Mysteries on this site presents some allusions to Gaia's correction. Not in His Image emphasizes that Gaia's correction can be grasped by human imagination-- indeed, the directive myth of the Mysteries asserts that the human species (anthropos) is endowed with imagination ("the luminous epinoia") just so that humanity can engage her story and live it out with her. Th participatory element of the sacred narrative of Gaia-Sophia is unique because it leaves the myth open-ended, subject to collaboration and intimate participation. Other myths can be revised imaginatively, but only this one contains, as it were, a pre-condition for involvement. The myth of the fallen goddess is unfinished. Or still being written, if you prefer. The reformulation of Gnosticism merged with Vajrayana in Planetary Tantra is the open source spirituality that fits the receives myth, and allows all who are so inspired to join it. Invites them to join it.


Until now, I have been hesitant to propose what Gaia's correction might be in concrete terms. Largely for fear of seeming to present an orthodoxy where only invention will do. Pure and daring invention. I alone cannot rewrite the ongoing episodes of Sophia's myth, the biography of this magnificent planet. What I can do is indicate the key factors in present-day reality, in the drama of full-blown planetary crisis, that reveal where and how invention can be initiated and engaged. To do so I will use a triangulation:

Rite Action -Telestics - Kala Tantra

Rite Action is the vehicle for framing personal activism that accords with Sophia's correction, but activism of a particular kind. Not school menu reform, permaculture, or recycling, but something more intimate and radical. In this category of the site you will find essays that define key terms and lay the foundation for the renegade ethics of rite action. In short, orientation to contra-violence: that is, the use of violence by those who oppose violence on principle, but realize its necessity in certain instances and situations -- when and where peaceful and loving actions are inadequate and inappropriate. Rite Action presents the ethical and theoretical parameters of the Kalika Path, the way of mystic warriors for Gaia.

Triangulated with Rite Action are Telestics and Kala Tantra. Telestics complements Rite Action is presenting a clear and concise technique for deconstruction of social reality using three Socratic tools. It shows exactly what Gaian warriors are up against. In telestic slang, deconstruction is the process of "deconning" an event or the social perception of an event. Since all social perception is constructed, it can also be deconstructed. Telestics 101 is a fast-track course in how to question the constructions of social reality (and may be applied to personal situations, if you care to do so).

decon, verb, transitive: to deconstruct the evidence of an event and/or the interpretation constructed around it. Example, to decon 911 is to systematically question the official version of what happened in the terrorist attacks of that day, and even question the physical evidence, what witnesses saw or presumed they saw, with their own eyes.

Kala Tantra, third point of the triangulation with Rite Action and Telestics, is the aspect of Planetary Tantra concerned with two kinds of magic, sexual and martial. KT is about warrior strategies and direct application of theory to practice. Most of this material has to be presented orally, in recorded sessions or first-person transmission. In mythological terms, Gaia herself aligns closely with Kali, who represents the insuperable force earth mother wrath that drives the practice Kala Tantra. Together, these goddesses support instruction on "special ops" martial arts or psychotronic techniques for defending the human habitat and humanity itself. I call the practice of the martial arts uniquely supported by the Gaia-Kali dynamic, Gaian ecosorcery.

Thus, the triangulation here underway comprises a compete system of theory and practice. To teach this system is now the single, overriding focus of metahistory.org. Telestics and Rite Action will be posted on metahistory.org. Explicit practical instruction in Kalika martial arts has to be presented in oral form, under Planetary Tantra. In its theoretical principles, rite action is non-religious and existential; in its practices, it is totally Kaliesque. That is why I present instruction for rituals of contra-violence under the rubric of Kala Tantra, the branch of Planetary Tantra directed and protected by Kali, she who delivers. Most of this presentation has to be oral, recorded on mp3 files to be posted on site and on YouTube channels.

Along the way, I will provide full clarification on the distinction between Planetary Tantra and Kala Tantra. The former does not require involvement in contra-violence and Kalika special ops, but Kala Tantra concentrates on the specifics of sexual and martial ritual. My presentation is itself a kind of diorthosis, a two-track solution: you can get involved with Sophia's correction, engaging the once and future trajectory of the planet, either way. If you prefer benign, non-harming practices, they are there in PT, starting with the Gaian Tantra Vow. If you want to go for open season on predators, the moment is now and KT is your calling.

In completion phase of the shift of Kali Ma (January 16 - February 14, 2010), the signal goes out across the planet that Kalikas are on the warpath. The Valentine Day cover girl for the breakaway year 2010 is Neytiri.


To introduce telestics, I will define a problem and propose a solution. Consider that if you understand this particular problem and its solution, you can find your way through any human situation or dilemma, you can solve any personal or historical current events issue or challenge, and you can even navigate safely through the labyrinth of human madness.

Those who have followed the 911 truth movement and the investigations of people such as David Icke will be familiar with the expose of a certain dialectic strategy. Icke in particular has given a clear description of how it works: problem-reationc-solution. This is an excellant tool for deconning orchestrations of social evil. If events that go wrong in the world and do harm to society are intentional, deliberately orchestrated, as we now know to be the case, we need to see how this can be done. No great mystery there. The method is simple, a three-step song-and-dance:

First, create a problem, such as a false-flag terrorist attack. The US government has been going at this for a long time, all the way back to the sinking of the battleship Maine in 1898. Gore Vidal has catalogued a staggering array of black ops implemented by false-flag operations around the world. This is the first step of the song-and-dance: create a problem to be blamed on someone else.

Second, react to the event and cause public fear and unrest by spreading a false interpretation, blaming the event on the wrong parties, or on purely invented parties. The US government in complicity with the Mafia and some mean-ass Texas politicos hired a hit team to assassinate JFK, then blamed it on a lone assassin, The perps lured Lee Harvey Oswald, who was in reality a sincere and honest patriot, into a double game that made him the patsy for a horrible crime. Conspiracy theory? Not at all. All the personal testimony and evidence now gathered and compiled, over 45 years after the event, supports this analysis of the crime. The conspiracy theory is the official version that makes Oswald the "lone gunman." Once again, as in the case of 911, the official story is the real conspiracy theory, i.e., the false, fabricated, outlandish explanation, unsupported and contradicted by evidence.

Endgame Scenario: Acceleration of Discovery

Few of you reading these words may know that the murder of JFK has been solved to the full satisfaction of legal parameters in accord with all the rules of evidence and rigorous, consistent reconstruction of the event. Personally, I was enormously relieved to learn this fact in November of 2009. Like many others, I thought I would die without ever knowing what happened on that unforgettable day. "Evidence of Revision" may be the best documentary ever released on the Internet.

Even the History Channel has covered the case, compiling a documentary with episodes so damning they have been banned by the US government. If you thought you knew who Lee Harvey Oswald was, look again. It took about 42 years for some people to pull out of the great deception and put together a solid case for the assassinations of JFK, his brother Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King.

Since the 911 attacks in September 2001, it has taken about seven years to do the equivalent with that event. That is about 1/6th of the time, a 600 percent reduction of the time required to detect and expose the orchestration of social evil manifested in the murder of JFK. If this rate is consistent, as I believe it will be, it could take 1/6th of seven years, or a little over one year, to detect and expose the coming event in globalist orchestration, the endgame scenario of planetary psychosis. Disclosure of this event, a mass mind nightmare of CGI-enhanced shock and awe implemented through Project Bluebeam, is currently unfolding on the internet with input from several independent sources. Metahistory.org is poised to contribute to this disclosure, naming the game of the doomsday scenario before it can be perpetrated.

Back to the song part of the song-and-dance of problem-reaction-solution. Orthodoxy (the voice of the authorities) presents a song about events, a singalong version people are supposed to repeat in their minds each time they go over the course of events. Speaking through the collective oracle of the mass media, the authorities provide a prefabricated interpretation—example, within hours of the 911 attacks, the word goes out that Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaida gang are the culprits responsible. the job has his m.o. written all over it! But he had no m.o. until the job was pinned on him, did he? And with this interpretation, almost simultaneously, a reaction. The reaction provided by the authorities relies on mental shock and diminished critical thinking among the populace, but fortunately, aha, those in power are fully in possession of their wits so they come up with a reaction to suit the crisis. Almost immediately. Oddly, they seem to be prepared for the crucial event even before it happens. In the USA and in London, security services were conducting simulation of terrorist attacks identical to the attacke that actually, simultaneously occurred. How deliberate is that?

The seers of the Mysteries who gave us the Sophia myth warned that simulation is the main weapon of alien-type mental parasites called archons, who may be compared to extraterrestrial intruders, the Grey ETs. Whatever one thinks of the archons, simulation is a weapon that can be used by humans against their own kind. That is the dramatic importance of the Gnostic view of alien intrusion: it points to self-sabotage within the human mind. That is, it signals a clear alert to the global psychosis in which humanity currently finds itself. A species divided against itself cannot survive.

Third, once the authorities have proposed a reaction, they move swiftly to the third part of the dance routine: solution. The USA wages awesome warfare on Iraq as a solution to the 911 bombings. The stated intention of invading Iraq was not the actual intention. Anyone who does not realize this point by now needs to wake up fast or get off the bus, go to another planet with special facilities for the mentally defective.

I could elaborate long and lavishly on the problem-reaction-solution formula, the dialectic of social violence. But plenty of excellant analysis can be found on the Internet, with ample reference to current events and some allusion of events to come... I bring it up here with the introduction to telestics for a specific reason: to show that I am not using that formula when I propose to "define a problem and propose a solution." Telestics does follow the three-step song and dance. In fact, it breaks that formula at the very point where it can be used to deceive and manipulate human minds.

In telestics, you hold your wits to the action, trust your perception, and look closely and carefully at the reaction / interpretation of an act or event, without jumping to a solution. You then decon the reaction / interpretation in three explicit questioning procedures, or probes.

Soundtrack Diss

The real problem with problem-reaction-solution is not the event that triggers it, but the cognitive dissonance that accompanies it and pervades the entire three-phase sequence.

"Cognitive dissonance" is a fancy name for the confused and disempowered state of mind that results when the experience you have does not match the interpretation you hold about it. It could be compared to watching a movie with a soundtrack that does not fit the plot or even correspond to the events or behavior depicted. A simple example of cognitive dissonance would be, a child is sadistically beaten and told "it's for your own good." The experience of being beaten does not match the interpretation given to the child to explain what's being done to it.

The interpretation (reaction singalong) of 911 did not match the events that people experienced. It plunged an entire world into cognitive dissonance. In that state, critical faculties are weakened, empathy tends to go toward the victims, and trust is extending, often in an irrational and hysterical manner, to those who claim they can solve the problem and prevent further harm. Cognitive dissonance is a mind control technique routinely used by cult leaders. The natural empathic and protective instincts of the human beings can be coopted by this technique.

I propose some jargon for telestics: for example, "soundtrack" for the reaction / interpretation of a threatening event. 911 happened before the eyes of the world, and with it came a soundtrack that did not fit the events. Due to cognitive dissonance and massive emotional shock, however, the "soundtrack diss" went undetected for a while. Soundtrack diss is like a hiss on a recording. You listen and hear something that intrudes upon the recorded message, a pervasive hiss. Cognitive dissonance is like a mental hiss, yet it is not merely a neutral sound: it insinuates or loudly announces certain things.

When 911 happened, millions of people got blasted with soundtrack diss, but there was not a total lack of detection, or protest. Against the massive messages carried in the diss, the diss-information, you could say, there were outcries and protests stemming from direct perception of what people saw in contradiction to what they we told they were seeing. For instance, witnesses close to the scene, including firefighters, observed that the towers collapsed due to internal explosions, not due to being hit by airplanes. Witnesses insisted that the airplanes themselves were not ordinary passenger aircraft. Mysterious white drone aircraft were seen and filmed in the sky during three of the four events of that day. There was no wing damage at the Pentagon, no bodies or luggage, Same goes for the field in Pennsylvaina. In NYC, the alleged hijacked planes flew over the city without producing a monumental roar many times in exccss to the murderous decibel levels of rock concert. Many more anomalies could be cited. But the testimony that ran against the official explanation was drowned out by soundtrack diss.On the ground witnesses and tv viewers were overwhelmed by explanations that did not make sense, yet could not be resisted or refuted in the traumatic stun of the moment.

Now, less than nine years later, enough people have recovered from the soundtrack diss of 911 to reconstruct what actually happened based on first-person testimony and physical, verifiable evidence. This claim is not a plea for another conspiracy theory, my personal favorite. As I have already said, the conspiracy theory to discard on 911 is the official story. The challenge now is to review the event analyzed according to the evidence, to see what happened "in plane sight.". For instance, the evidence that the object crashing into the second tower did not behave according to laws of physics known to a high school sophomore: it did not crunch into its own length at impact against the massive steel-and-concrete facade of the tower. Bear in mind: the object, presumably an aluminum cocoon with hollow wings filled with gasoline, did not crash through sheets of plate glass, it smashed into a dense grid of steel and concrete surrounding those windows. Nor did it slow down as it sliced like a knife through butter into the building. Nor did it explode with the usual red-black plume of jet fuel. What millions actually saw happening that day defies the basic laws of physics on several counts.

But the soundtrack diss echoes on: We all saw airplanes crash into the towers. That was the evidence of our own senses. Did we then? And could "the evidence of our own senses" have been distorted or tweaked in any way? Wild idea? Impossible, you say? Look at the photographic evidence frame by frame and decide for yourself if what hit those towers behaved according to the known laws of physics, or not.

Caveat: There are thousands of YouTube clips from the 911 truth movement. Who would not be exhausted by watching them? But if you ever watch any at all, I strongly suggest the two series linked because they compile the physical and testimonial evidence in a cogent and consistent manner. In Plane Sight is not about theory or speculation. It is a demonstration of empirical scrutiny and deconstruction of perception. Likewise for "911 and the Laws of Physics" which comes in 16 parts, but you can start with part 8. If you think you've seen it all before, think again. To see for the first time what actually happened, knowing what you are seeing, is hair-raising: CGI-cloaked explosive drones in action. Does such technology exist?

Three-Band Mental Radio

The "soundtrack" that pervades human consciousness has three layers or bands: the collective or consensus mind, the personal mind, and the subliminal mind. What we hear in our heads, commenting on everything we do and how we behave as well as on the behavior or others, is not a private or subjective matter; rather it is like mental radio. The mental radio plays a lot of collective programs and we all choose personal favorites: we listen mentally to what we have been told verbally by others. Mainly, what authorities say, and what those who speak for God say, using collective media such as radio and television. This is the broadband of mental radio, the ongoing commentary in your head that comes from other people, but not people you know first-hand. I will clarify this distinction in a moment.

There is also a second, narrow band on the mental radio. We all have an inner station called "my mind," but, for many people, hardly anything on it differs from the public or collective mental radio, except for some personal details. Most of what people think is what they have been told to think. Collective mental broadband transmission is a mass mind radio able to remote-control the behavior of all individuals who obey it. The habit of listening to the mass mind soundtrack induces the tendency to obey it, follow what it says or prompts or suggests. It takes a deliberate act of dissent not to obey the messages broadcast in this manner. To question and challenge the mental radio are acts of dissent performed by people who are awakening to the psychodynamics of the mind.

Soundtrack diss is massive on the collective broadband, but it can also be predominant on the narrow band of "my mind" due to the tapes installed by parents, teachers, religious authorities. that is to say, people you know first-hand contrasted to those you don't, such as news media announcers or politicians or tv evangelists.

People you don't know personally can have a lot of credibility in your narrow band because millions of other people, who don't know them, either, listen to them all the time. Figure it.

The detectable difference is, the broadband transmitting mass media and non-first-person sources acquires a phantom authority due to the massive audience it commands, while the narrow band messages and interpretations, advice, persuasions, etc., implanted in your head by those you know first-hand, can be convincing in its own way, but also weaker, of secondary impact. In short, the narrow band comprises the unique register of first-person input. From loved ones, friends, relatives, etc.. For some people and some races, such as the Chinese, family voices on narrow bandwidth have huge importance: they are deep-grooved. Nevertheless, the family voice register can bleed away into the collective broadband: so we find in the traditional family-bound mentality of the Chinese a strong tendency toward Maoist collectivism, mass mind consensus on the broadband frequencies.

In short, broadband input on the mental radio is collective and non--personal, but not transpersonal and numinous. Lord knows that some of its broadcasting agents would like it to be! Mental broadband is the oracle and agent of political, governmental, and bureaucratic tyrannies. TV and advertising are potent tools of broadband input. Narrowband input is the instrument for shaping the mind via personal opinions, parental tapes, messages from teachers and preachers, and so on.

Additional to the collective and personal "bands" of mental radio, there is a subliminal mindband or mindstream detected by close inner listening. This bandwidth is the genuinely transpersonal and numinous source of intelligence innate to the human mind: rigpa in Tibetan jargon. This band transmits live streaming from the planetary mind, Gaian intelligence direct, "on the air." It is a multivocal upsurge of Shakti, the Divine Feminine. It is the wisdom of the planet thinking in you, through you. It broadcasts on sixteen distinct channels within a single band. The channels are not imaginary voices, but actual frequencies of the planetary aura. They can be detected by clairaudience, heightened inner audition. The real-time streaming of rigpa is empirical, testable, verifiable through comparison and repetition of experiences. Get on any one of these wavelengths and you are home free.

To summarize: cognitive dissonance arises when the mental radio that automatically comments on current reality, whatever is happening right before your eyes, does not fit what you actually experience. You plunge into emotional trauma and undergo a steep drop-off of your critical faculties. Persist in that state, and you go schizophrenic.

In telestic terms, schizophrenia (first-degree) is simply the division of mental discernment into a part engaged with real events and a part subverted by a false and misleading interpretation of events. Orchestrations of social evil like 911 deliberately induce this split: in short, such events demonstrate the use of psychological warfare techniques on the general public.

In first degree schizophrenia, you do not lose your mind entirely. You retain the critical faculty but are unable to exercise it, rather like having a limb go asleep. Due to the soundtrack not matching how present events are really perceived, the great mass of the human species has become schizophrenic, suffering the split-off of critical mind from perception. You still feel and sense what is real, and your body does not lie, but the mental radio tells you something different. To the extent that the body-mind tells you what's really happening, the veracity of your own thoughts (acutely detected by some schizophrenics) gets distorted and grotesquely warped by the soundtrack diss. Schizos end up garbling the truth—but it is still the truth. Meanwhile those other schizos who hold confidently to their denial of cognitive dissonance scorn the schizoid truth-saers and dismiss both their theories and perceptions with contempt.

We are all to some extent schizophrenics due to cognitive dissonance, i.e., assaults of psychological warfare. A species divided against itself cannot survive. A species split in its own mind cannot even know what it is.

One of the terrible facts of 911 is that the worst is not over. That event has left huge collateral damage: millions of schizophrenics of the first degree, people who still deny that the 911 event does not match their interpretation of it. Those who hold to the official version of 911 are in schizophrenic collusion with the perpetrators. And the perpetrators know it.

Now you know it, too.

Visionary Intent

The Hindu theory of the cosmic ages or Yugas states that in the last phase of the last Age, Kali Yuga, the state of collective schizophrenia becomes acute and cognitive dissonance runs rampant, generating an epidemic of confusion and doubt. We are living now in the last 200 years of Kali Yuga, the age that began in 3102 BCE.

In Telestics 101, I am proposing that collective or global schizophrenia can be cured by a specific approach to reality: Socratic deconstruction based on three questions or probes (explained in the Telestics 101 on Arrogation). The cure is neither a message nor a messiah, nor a divine revelation, nor a crucial jigsaw puzzle piece of information, nor a mastermind scheme that presumes to be the springboard for a quantum leap into higher consciousness—none of the foregoing, but an approach. Just an approach, like a stalking technique. Telestics is a sanity fix, a way to navigate through your own madness and see through the collective schizophrenia, of which your madness is a symptom and a contributing factor.

The Tantric message about the end of Kali Yuga are unique in the way it applies a transcendental theory of consciousness to history. This teaching says that history develops as the perfect attending of original mind gets enmeshed in what it beholds, generating a soundtrack or beholder narrative that does not match real events.

But Tantric teachings also say that the most extreme moment of cognitive dissonance, when your mental fix conflicts alarmingly with what you feel and know reality to be, is also the moment when the fail-safe of the mind comes into play: the moment when self-correction tnrs itself on. One of the paramount benefits of telestics is to show exactly what triggers self-correction, so that you can recognize it when it happens. And more and more frequently induce it to happen.

For a brilliant, authentically Gnostic comment on the self-correction of Gaia-Sophia, with or without human engagement, listen to George Carlin, Saving the Planet.

I am convinced that the planetary animal mother—call her PAM, if you find Gaia-Sophia a bit arch and off-putting—is awakening right now to a conscious, two-way exchange with humankind. Not the species as a whole, but each and every individual member of it. I would never dare to present such a proposition on theoretical or speculative terms. This is not an invitation to make believe. Not an exercise in wishful thinking on the plnaeetary scale. I am walking my talk all the way on this claim. I have been living more or less constantly immersed in this exchange with the earth mother since July 2008. In Planetary Tantra, introduced in October of that year, I asserted that Gaia-Sophia transmits to the human mind on sixteen channels of an eighteen-channel console. With the material on the lunar shaktis, I began teaching how to monitor these transmissions, i.e., transceive "dakini instruction." I have not abandoned that intention or that material or that course of instruction. I fully intend to resume it in due time....

Right now, I am concentrating on the breakaway from the narrative spell cast over this planet by the deceitful orchestrators of social evil. Telestics is a set of tools for breaking that spell, cutting through the deceit. Rite action offers crucial orientation for countering that spell. Kala Tantra presents warrior practices for contra-violence, the use of defensive and lethal force against the demented globalist masterminds who spin that spell, and against their accomplices, unwitting or otherwise. These are human beings, creatures of the same species as you and I, but terminally contaminated by a virus that kills its host, the sickness of intra-species predation. The correct response (orthosis) to predation by human creatures on their own kind is the prerogative of Kalikas, mystic warriors for Gaia. Shamanic hunters in alliance with Kali and her supreme power animals, the great predator cats with tear-drop markings.

Love didn't get us into this problem and it ain't getting us out. But don't read me wrong on that count. Kalikas do not kill out of hatred, but rage. Sacred rage. Contra-violence is not a call to hate-charged aggression. Gaian warriors hold no personal onus against their targets—people who are, in any case, unknown to them through personal contact. Their revenge is for Gaia, not for themselves personally. They are called "mystic" because they base their shamanic powers in the mystery of divine animation, the Dreaming of Gaia-Sophia. Avatar was a magnificant parable of divine animation. I take that film for a signal of the breakaway from planetary psychosis (third-stage schizophrenia) toward a new world organism, a sane society sustained by the pure anarchy of the human heart.

To my knowledge, there is no automatism in the current "planetary shift," as it has been called. Nothing is guaranteed to happen. Gaia can play it either way, with enlightened humans complicit in her designs or numbed, dumbed-down humans excluded from them. Her solution is bifocal and bifunctional: diorthosis. To enter Gaia's correction is the genuine global liberation of Kali Yuga. Engagement in her Dreaming happens one person at a time across the planet, but can be optimized by the Tantric buddy system, working in pairs. For Gaia-Sophia, correction of her trajectory is inclusive, but for humanity itself there is a chaotic bifurcation, right here, right now. Not everyone goes along the second path of correction—call it the portal of visionary intent. Through that portal, human beings can enter by elective and voluntary engagement into the sacred myth of Sophia, a living story about being alive. Dream ecstatically with the goddess in her lucidity. Share and dispense an incomparable treasure, the Terma of Gaia Awakening. Do not create your own reality: co-create your life in her reality.

I just said there is no messiah and no ultimate message that can save humanity or turn the tide of events. But in a sense, her story is the messiah and the message in one. Imagine that: the messiah could be a story, not a person. A story about divine intelligence on earth, not the coming of a divine avatar from above. A story about enacting the living dream of a self-aware planetary organism, not about the intervention of an off-planet father god. Telestics is a tool kit for practice of visionary intent with the living planet. It is the breakaway tactic for involvement in the vision story of the Mysteries. Recall the third definition above:

3 the practice of open source guidance or self-direction, based on a clear choice of goals framed in an abstract paradigm or a guiding narrative, a vision-story.

Visionary intent: your awesome self-directed share in divine animation.

jll : January 2010 Andalucia - five essays ongoing with Open Season on Predators posted under Rite Action.

Kali = Deliverance





Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.