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Dakini Calendar 2009

For the suggested method of tracking these lunar cycles to receive dakini instruction, see Cruising the Lunar Shaktis.

Lunar cycles listed by CONSTELLATION in the Greco-Latin Zodiac, and devata, be it a Mahavidya or Diamond Sky Dakini, source of instruction for the cycle. NOTE: This list is in reverse chronological, with the most recent cycles at the tome. Scroll down for previous cycles.


ARCHER: Kurukulla, Dakini of Witchcraft and Sexual Enchantment.
November 17-18 sunset crescent rapidly transits the SCORPION and the SNAKETAMER - November 19, enters the ARCHER - December 16, new moon in ECL 265, two degrees from sightline to galactic center. NOTE: This lunar cycle is ambiguous, with special conditions pertaining to the determination of the overseeing devata.


SCALES or BALANCE: Visvamata, "The Variegated Mother," a Female Buddha in the pentagrammic star around VV.

October 19 visible sunset crescent in the small constellation of the SCALES - November 16 non-observable new moon in 235 ECL, in the SCALES where one pan, holding the standards of measure, floats precariously in the claws of the SCORPION

VIRGIN: second Shift of Shodashi, revealing Mahamaya: The Beauteous Form of the Self. For comments on this shift and Mahamaya, see Romancing the Virgin.

September 19, sunset crescent in the lower torso of the VIRGIN - October 18, non-observable new moon in 205° ECL conjunct Spica, the brilliant star that marks the sheaf of wheat (Entheogenic Mysteries) in the left hand of the VIRGIN

VIRGIN :: Tripurasundari, "Beautiful One of the Three Worlds," Mahavidya Shodashi, "16"
First shift of Shodashi: August 21, sunset crescent in upper torso of the VIRGIN - September 18, non-observable new moon in 176° in the face of the VIRGIN

LION :: Bhairavi, "The Ferocious One Who Calls to Heroism," a Mahavidya attended by the Mahavidya, Dhumavati, "The Widowed Hag"
July 23, sunset crescent in the LION, with saturn - August 20, non-observable new moon in 148° ECL, conjunct Regulus the heart-star of the LION

CRAB :: Vajravarahi, the Boar-Headed Dakini, a form of Vajrayogini, supreme guardian of the Highest Yoga Tantras
June 23 sunset crescent in the CRAB - July 22 non-observable new moon 120° ECL, in the CRAB, right (western) side
Further commentaries:
The Union of Desire and Compassion
The Compassion of Release

TWINS :: Bagalamukhi, The Crane-Headed Mahavidya; also known as Bagalarita, "The Bridle of Destiny"
May 25 sunset crescent in the TWINS - June 22 non-observable new moon in 92° ECL, beyond the horns of the Bull, at the feet of the Twins
Bagalamuhki Reconsidered

BULL :: double shift of two Mahavidyas, Bhuvaneshvari, "She Whose Body is This Beautiful World," and the Wrathful Green Tara (The Selector)
April 26
sunset crescent in the BULL, near the Pleiades - May 24 non-observable new moon 71° ECL, conjunct Aldebaran in the eye of the BULL

RAM :: Chinnamasta, The Self-Beheading Mahavidya
March 27 sunset crescent in the RAM - April 25 non-observable new moon in 36° ECL (ecliptic scale) , in the RAM's horns

Review of the Lunar Shaktis in 2008

Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.